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Circuit Character Cup - Round 1 - Silverstone, Spa, Singapore, Sepang - The second day of voting on 2009's tracks

Published by Christine

Our first two matchups are complete, and now we move on to the second day of voting - a day with all the 'S's. This is the one that everyone has been waiting for, and it's only day two, which is slightly worrying!

Silverstone vs. Spa

Silverstone vs Spa

Our first poll today pitches two heavyweights against each other - circuits with huge amounts of character each. But which one has the most? Silverstone was the site of the first ever Grand Prix back in the 50s, but has been losing favour with Bernie ever since. Spa features a couple of the corners that most drivers would put on their all time favourite list.

Singapore vs. Sepang

Singapore vs. Sepang

Singapore has the benefit of the novelty factor as it hosted the sport's first ever night race in 2008. However, it wasn't a complete success with a few improvements to be implemented this time round. Meanwhile, Sepang has been a staple of the early fly-away races, but can often be overshadowed by the season opener.