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Christmas comes early with Sidepodfilmclub - Join us as we partake in the newly digitised Home Alone

Published by Christine

Festive friends, join me in welcoming the third annual Sidepodfilmclub Does Christmas. Our tradition of gathering around the telly-box to share in a communal movie watching experience takes its third December outing this weekend. We've previously enjoyed the snowy slush-fest that is Love Actually, a muppety masterpiece with their Christmas Carol, and now it's time for the child-takes-on-the-world wonder of Home Alone.

The Macaulay Culkin family favourite has not been available to the online world for a long while, but it's joined the digital age just in the nick of time. Available to rent on iTunes, Google Play, Blinkbox and the brand new Sky Store (plus more outside the UK, I'm sure), the options for watching are many.

If you're new to the Sidepodfilmclub business, you're in for a treat. The task is simple: beg, borrow or steal a copy of the film. Find treats. Settle in for an evening of live commenting fun. We'll have an event for the duration, a Factbyte Factbox will cover the process, we'll all hit play at the same time and then marvel at just how out of sync we can get whilst all watching the same thing.

The date is set for this weekend, 8pm GMT, Saturday 21st December, so squeeze a window into your calendar for some Sidepodfilmclub fun.