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Christine's Rankings returns in 2016 - The F1 personality challenge is back and better than ever!

Published by Christine

If you ever wondered how it was possible to rate the F1 drivers in an extremely fair and scientific way, then you've come to the right place. What's that you say? There's an F1 championship for just that purpose? Oh no, my friends, this is Christine's Rankings, the most in-depth and accurate global ranking system ever produced by me.

The rankings did take a season off in 2015, and returns with a late start this year, but it's back for a solid sixth season to crown yet another F1 driver with the title that shows they have the best personality, and the most fun online presence. If you're new to this concept, all the 2016 F1 drivers are given positive or negative points based on their off-track actions during the season, to culminate in a showdown to end all showdowns.

Christine's Rankings has seen five different champions in its history, covering a range of sparkling personalities and brilliant fan interactions, but will anyone be able to make it a double? There are twenty-two drivers on the grid this year and all are in with a chance at doing the business to join this illustrious group.

Rankings champions to date
YearChampionTotal pointsWinning margin
2010Timo Glock751
2011Heikki Kovalainen745
2012Jenson Button762
2013Lewis Hamilton582
2014Daniel Ricciardo693

It's all about the regulations

If you're still not clear on what this rankings business is all about, there are a few more pointers I can give. Drivers might post a great video online, or tweet something hilarious, and that could be worth a few points. They might insult a band that I like, or disappoint me in a fashion faux pas, and that will see negative points. It's entirely personal but I take suggestions throughout the season - you guys have spotted some of the best and worst of the drivers across the years, and I couldn't do it without you.

A few guidelines for you:

  • All 22 drivers on the 2016 entry list are automatically entered to compete
  • Any additional driver appearing in a Friday practice session or substituting another driver throughout a weekend is also eligible for points
  • In all but the most exceptional circumstances, on track incidents are not considered for points
  • The rankings page is updated constantly, with a weekly round up post to keep track
  • Suggestions are actively encouraged throughout the season
  • But I do get the final say
  • But that doesn't mean Grosjean will win
  • Promise

There are almost forty weeks ahead of us, with a driver's championship to decide the fastest guy in the best car, and Christine's Rankings to point out all the rest.

Please do send your suggestions via the handy form on the dedicated Rankings page, or email them directly to

Let battle commence!

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