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Choice cuts from the Festival of Speed 2008 - Highlights of our photography efforts from Goodwood

Published by Mr. C

As ever, a full audio round up of our adventures at Goodwood will be available soon, but in the meantime here are a few of our favourite photographs taken during the weekend. The remainder will no doubt be available on Flickr shortly.

Jenson Button

After a minor mishap with a forgotten battery during our first run in with Honda's "A Question of Motorsport" quiz, we made damn sure no shots were missed this time around.

Jenson Button at the Festival of Speed on Sunday

Jenson appeared to be in a particularly jovial mood and spent a good hour hanging out in the Honda tent. The team's clothing may look daft on TV, but the colours work well in moderation.

Lewis Hamilton

Getting a decent picture of Hamilton was just as difficult this year as it was back in '07, with organisers trying every trick in the book to manage crowd control.

Lewis Hamilton at the Festival of Speed on Sunday

Although it wasn't wet on Sunday, a lot of the F1 cars chose to use intermediate tyres, presumably because the rally cars peppered the track with greasy mud each time they went up the hill.

Vicki Butler-Henderson

Whilst the girl may have done her best to avoid Sidepodcast during the Grand Prix weekend, preferring to spend time at BMW's Pit Lane Park, there was no getting away this time.

Vicki Butler-Henderson hosts A Question of Motorsport

I have absolutely no idea what Vicki was driving on Sunday, but from the overalls I'm assuming she went up the hill at least once.

McLaren air box

McLaren turned up at the festival with a gaggle of cars from various points in their esteemed history. I wish I could give you the technical details, but I wasn't paying a whole heap of attention.

Looking at a McLaren through a McLaren

This is a picture of a reasonably modern McLaren air box, hiding behind an even more recent McLaren chassis, and there ends our history lesson for the day.