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China 2009 - Schedule - Plans, times and dates for watching and talking about the Shanghai action

Published by Christine

Shanghai skyline

Now we know that the rear diffusers are legal, there's an element of relief flowing through the F1 world. At least now we have a decision one way or the other, we can move forward, instead of pondering the results of previous races. Moving forward involves looking ahead to Shanghai, where we will be keeping an eye on any new diffusers on the teams that need them.

We cannot be held responsible for not meeting any deadlines suggested in this schedule, it is merely here as a guide to how the race weekend should shake up. All times are BST.

TV schedule

More excellent coverage from the BBC and we'll no doubt be listening intently to what Legard has to say. Mr C has already admitted that it took David Croft four races to settle in when he commentated GP2, so we have to at least give Jonathan the same amount of time.

DaySessionThread OpensStarts
FridayFree Practice 12:302:55
Free Practice 26:306:55
SaturdayFree Practice 33:303:55
Qualifying5:306:00 (q1 starts 7am)
SundayThe Race6:307:00 (race starts 8am)

Podcast schedule

With yet another early morning race here in the UK, we're still not in enough of a routine to put actual times into the schedule, but here's a guide as to what should be coming out when.

ThursdayF1 DigestPM
F1 DigestPM
F1 DigestPM
Live StreamingPM
MondayF1 DigestPM

There's no Parade Lap until Europe, but Sidepodpanel makes it's triumphant return with a live stream on Sunday, and the edited version out later in the week.

If you're around during any of the sessions, please join us for live commenting. It makes all the difference to get so many viewpoints on what is happening as it happens. Also, don't forget that after each session you can post short summaries of the events of the day, and they'll get read out in F1 Digest.

Fingers crossed for a great race!