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China 2011 - Rate the race - Vote on how exciting you found the Grand Prix in Shanghai

Published by Christine

It was a really fascinating race weekend, from the very beginnings of free practice to the final moments of the Grand Prix itself. China offered up a surprisingly exciting weekend, and it was tough to decide how we were going to rate this.

However, in this week's F1 Debrief, we made our minds up, and put our necks on the line with both a driver of the day, and a score out of ten.

Driver of the Day

Mr C went for Lewis Hamilton, praising him for getting his head around strategy after last weekend's troubles. Equally, keeping cool after the stressful start of the race was a key ingredient. It must have been pretty distracting to find you might not even make it out of the garage, when you had such a good grid slot, and a strategy that should make a difference.

Meanwhile, I went for Nico Rosberg, because no one was expecting him to be up there leading the race. He had the strategy under him, he performed far better than his teammate, and if it wasn't for a fuel issue, we could have seen him battling for a strong podium position.

Plus, I found myself thinking it would be great if he won, and I never thought that would happen. So yay for Rosberg.

Rate the race

As discussed in the show, we think we might have started the ratings too high, as so far each weekend has just got better and better. We're running out of places to go with our scoring!

There was little more that could be asked of the weekend in China, with no rain, no safety car periods and only one retirement, but so much overtaking it was hard to know where to look!

Rate the Race 2011
AustraliaMr C7
MalaysiaMr C9
ChinaMr C9.5

If the season keeps going like this, we'll have to keep on subdividing until the end of the year! What did you make of the race? And who was your driver of the day? Let us know!

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