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Chasing pavements - Pastor Maldonado stumbles over the kerbs in Venezuela demo

Published by Christine

You've no doubt seen it by now, but it cannot be witnessed enough times. Pastor Maldonado was in his home country of Venezuela this past weekend to demo the F1 car to about 20,000 keen fans. With twelve laps on the programme, there was plenty of time for Pastor to soak up the atmosphere and make the most of time in front of the home fans. Unfortunately, he only managed to complete one lap before crashing on the next.

The kerbing, it came out of nowhere!

We know that Pastor has a reputation for crashing into drivers, and for squandering points-paying opportunities on a regular basis. The reason this is so special is because there's no way he can fall back on the racing incident excuse, far less blaming it on the other innocent party.

Poor Pastor. He can't catch a break. He can catch a kerb, though.