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Character Cup - The Final, Alonso vs. Vettel - Judge whether Fernando or Sebastian has the best outlook

Published by Christine

Alonso vs. Vettel

Here we are then! Two long weeks later, and we have whittled our 16 drivers down to just two. The battle for the best character ends here, and it's a fight to the finish.

Alonso's path to the final has seen him beat off the likes of Kovalainen, Fisichella and Kubica, but he hasn't faced a challenge as tough as Vettel before. For his part, the young German faced down Sutil in the first round, his own team mate Webber in the second, and the ever popular Kimi in the semi-final. That last battle was the closest we have seen, and Vettel secured his place in today's pole by a single vote. Let's hope this one is just as close.