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Character Cup - Semi Final, Vitaly Petrov vs. Rubens Barrichello - The F1 contest gets closer as a new round begins

Published by Christine

The 2010 Character Cup is really heating up now as we head straight into the semi-finals - albeit a semi final with three rounds. We've had hundreds of votes so far, and this year's cup appears to have offered up some much tougher choices than the previous Character Cup did. Who will make it all the way to the end?

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Credit: Renault F1 / Williams F1

Vitaly Petrov

Petrov has proved the surprise of the voting so far, making his way through the rounds with relative ease. After seeing off the 2009 champion, Fernando Alonso, he then battled past fellow rookie Hülkenberg in similar style. His fans now have to do their bit as he faces the might of the ever-popular Barrichello.

Rubens Barrichello

Barrichello rid the Cup of fellow Brazilian Lucas di Grassi in the first round, and then faced off his old teammate and good friend Jenson Button in the last round of votes. Today he's up against Petrov, although after the actions of the weekend, it's fair to say that Rubens has faced (and survived!) much stiffer competition on track.