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Character Cup - Semi Final, Räikkönen vs. Vettel - Experienced Kimi takes on fresh-faced Sebastian

Published by Christine

Räikkönen vs. Vettel

The second semi-final takes on two of the fastest drivers on the grid. The experienced Räikkönen takes on the fresh Vettel. Who will get through to the final?

Kimi easily saw off Nakajima in the first round, and then managed to scrape past Trulli - an impressive feat since the Toyota driver knocked out Hamilton in Round 1. Vettel saw off Sutil in the early rounds, then came up against his team mate but was victorious. Now he faces the Iceman. Personality wise, we're looking at another couple of opposites, with Vettel spending a lot of time smiling, laughing and joking, whilst Räikkönen keeps his dry wit under wraps. Who will you vote for?