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Character Cup - Semi Final, Kubica vs. Alonso - Robert takes on Fernando as the competition gets close

Published by Christine

Kubica vs. Alonso

We're into the semi-finals now, and things are getting tight at the top. Today we pit Kubica and Alonso against each other to see who will make it into the final.

Kubica has seen off both Rosberg and Glock, but now faces real competition in the form of Alonso. The first time winner last year needs to battle hard against the former Champ to make it through to the final two. Alonso has knocked out Kovalainen and Fisichella, so won't be scared of taking on the Pole. Personality wise, they are complete opposites, with the quiet, unassuming Kub only just starting to stand up for himself within the team, whilst Fernie has shown who's boss more than once. Who will be victorious after today's vote?