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Character Cup - Round 2, Webber vs. Vettel - The two Red Bull teammates face off in the final of the second round heats

Published by Christine

Webber vs. Vettel

Our last battle to see who goes into the semi-finals, to shoot for a place in the ever important final of the 2009 Character Cup. This time it's Webber and Vettel.

Webber beat off Heidfeld, with the quiet German getting less than half the votes. Vettel, meanwhile, easily beat his first round competitor, getting over 80 votes, whilst Sutil picked up just 8. Now the two new Red Bull teammates face off for the first time in 2009, with Webber needing to prove something against a super popular Vettel. Interesting how art imitates life, isn't it? Personality wise, we've got happy go lucky Vettel, who seems to be out to shatter every German stereotype, against the ever-present and generally optimistic (despite awful bad luck) Webber. It's a great matchup, so get voting.