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Character Cup - Round 2, Fisichella vs. Alonso - Former Renault teammates go head to head

Published by Mr. C

Fisichella vs. Alonso

Here we are at the second heat of round 2. The first was a close run thing between Rosberg and Kubica, and now we're looking at two former team mates at Renault.

Fisichella was the surprise victor in a matchup with Massa during the first round of this Character Cup, so it may be that he has the character to take it all the way. However, Alonso has already seen off a former Renault driver in the shape of Kovi, and I'm sure he'd love to make it two in a row. Personality wise, we've got the passionate Italian against the fiery Spaniard, with Alonso being much more vocal than Fisi, whilst the latter is much more adept at keeping his head down and getting on with things.