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Character Cup - Round 1, Sutil vs. Vettel - Two Germans face off in the final match of the first round

Published by Christine

Sutil vs. Vettel

This last heat in the Character Cup sees Vettel and Sutil go head to head, to take the much coveted final place in Round 2.

Adrian Sutil

Sutil was once in the position that Vettel finds himself now. His future looked bright, and although he was struggling at the lower end of the grid, he would soon be snapped up by a bigger and better team. Except, that didn't quite happen. Sutil excels himself by keeping his head down, working hard, and not complaining. After that Monaco incident, he barely uttered a peep, and perhaps this is a sign of really strong character. The question is, why hasn't he started making an impression through the ranks of F1? Is something holding him back?

Sebastian Vettel

Widely heralded around the paddock, Vettel has certainly made an impression in his few short years within the sport. He wasn't long for BMW, when Toro Rosso offered him a full time drive, and he wasn't long for STR when it was obvious he belonged in the big team. Chances are, except for one small mishap in 2007, you'll find Vettel smiling when he steps out of the car, no matter what has just happened. It's clear that Der Seb loves everything about racing, and is happy to be out in the car, even if things aren't going his way. Perhaps he likes the challenge of that even more. I predict Vettel will go far, both in F1 and in this Cup, but perhaps I am wrong?