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Character Cup - Round 1, Massa vs. Fisichella - Two old school F1 stars battle for their place in the next round

Published by Mr. C

Massa vs. Fisichella

The third round of our Character Cup pits two very different drivers against each other. In fact, this may be the first time they've done battle for a long time, as they're usually on opposite ends of the grid.

Felipe Massa

Massa reformed a lot of people's view of him last year, both within the paddock and amongst the fans. From an apparent useless driver who can spin five times in a single wet race, he turned into a hard working, deserving champion contender. However, it'll take another year for him to prove himself completely, and to really see how he gets on with team mate Räikkönen.

Giancarlo Fisichella

Fisichella has managed to cling on to Formula 1 by the skin of his teeth, securing himself a drive at the bottom of the grid with Force India. He's on his sixth team now, which either proves he has longevity in the sport, or that he can't hold down a seat. Either way, he has three wins under his belt, and it seems unlikely he'll be grabbing any more.