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Character Cup - Round 1, Kovalainen vs. Alonso - Heikki stops following in Fernando's footsteps and stands against him

Published by Christine

Kovalainen vs. Alonso

Time for the next heat in the first round of Sidepodcast's inaugural character cup. Kovalainen has always seemed to follow in Alonso's footsteps, but now it's time for the pair to go head to head.

Heikki Kovalainen

Kovi didn't really prove his worth in 2008, being completely outclassed by Hamilton, but the question is - who wouldn't be? Faced with a team mate that riled Alonso to the point of (alleged) blackmail, Kovi was cool, calm, and tried to deliver. He says he's still learning and that 2009 will be better, but it seems unlikely that it would take more than a year to get to grips with a car. Kovalainen is a great second driver, but does he have the character to make it to number one?

Fernando Alonso

The hot headed Spaniard can't be charged with a lack of character, but is this a good thing? He clearly knows how to make the team work around him, and when in a comfortable environment, the job gets done. But take the comfort zone away, throw in some personalities that clash quite considerably, and Alonso seems to turn a little bit nasty. There's a place in the paddock for inter-team rivalries, and it certainly makes a season more interesting, but does it reflect well on Alonso? Only this vote can tell.