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Character Cup - Round 1, Hamilton vs. Trulli - F1's defending champion goes head to head with winemaker Jarno

Published by Christine

Hamilton vs. Trulli

For this next heat in the first round of the Character Cup, defending champ Lewis Hamilton takes on the might of Jarno Trulli. I wonder how the Trulliometer will swing after this vote ends?

Lewis Hamilton

F1's new superstar has polarised opinions about him. Jumping straight into the sport with his amazing natural talent meant he was both adored and sneered at. Missing out on the title first time round riled him up enough to work even harder for the second attempt - a more successful campaign. But the opinions about him just get stronger, and the debates over his character run deep. Only a few F1 drivers can cause so much friction within the fanbase, and whether that's a good or bad thing is now up to you.

Jarno Trulli

Trulli is another one of those quiet individuals, who we assume sits back and watches the fuss whilst enjoying a glass of his own wine. However, when something riles him up, he gets very talkative, even if it means contradicting himself along the way. Trulli seems like one of the nice guys in F1, but has seen limited success. Does he have the passion to make it to the very top? Or is he happy to just wait it out in a comfortable team and see what the others do first?