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Champagne Supernova - Our Bob Constanduros hopefuls take on the champagne challenge

Published by Mr. C

It was little more than a week ago that Stuart issued the Bob Constanduros Challenge, where we were encouraged to try and exceed the track commentator's infamous 28 second "champaaagne" shout.

We had an unexpectedly high number of entrants, so much so that we didn't get through them all during the hour long Parade Lap and bounced a couple onto F1 Debrief later in the day. Sadly, Bob wasn't around at 23:40 when that one finished (the lightweight), so instead the shouts were judged and plaudits awarded on length alone.

For convenience, neatness and posterity here are all the entrants, arranged from best to worst longest to shortest.


The winning entrant, with a champagne time of 25 seconds was Lou. It took many of us a considerable part of the day to encourage the girl to make that call, but the result was absolutely worth it. 3 seconds shy of the legend's best ever time is nothing to be sniffed at.

Champagne Time: 25 seconds.

Christine's Mother in Law

Despite causing chaos during the Parade Lap by ringing up at all the wrong times, my mum managed the second best time of the day clocking in at 22 seconds strong. She fared heaps better than I did, and that upsets me a lot.

Champagne Time: 22 seconds.


The last caller from the morning show, the first male in our list, and the person with the longest live champagne shout we received, was DoctorVee from the F1 blog vee8. The doc came up with a shout that was a whopping 21 seconds in length.

Champagne Time: 21 seconds.

Mr C

Despite spending a considerable part of my life talking out loud and practising for three whole days, the best I could come up with when it mattered most was a particularly weak 19 second shriek. I shall hang my head in shame.

Champagne Time: 19 seconds.


Although he accidentally called in at the wrong time, and found himself unexpectedly live on air, Shaun from The Bicester Blog put in a marvellous spontaneous effort with a 17 second bellow. Technically he may have extended his time by a few tenths by adding some chat to the beginning though.

Champagne Time: 17 seconds.


The hotly tipped favourite going into this event, Scott found himself struggling after overdoing it the previous night. We kindly pointed out that Bobby C. has probably had more than his fair share of late nights prior to race day and insisted Scott get on with it. 16 seconds is a fine performance all things considered.

Champagne Time: 16 seconds.


Bringing up the rear with an effort that was more sparkling wine than champagne, was Sofa F1's one and only Alex. Rumours suggested that he'd been testing from as early as the previous Thursday afternoon, and was set to be Scott's closest competitor before a fit of giggles at an inopportune moment brought his moment of glory to an abrupt end, leaving him with a paltry 10 seconds on the clock. That's right ten.

Champagne Time: 10 seconds.

I think that's all of them, many thanks to everyone who joined in the fun, now what are we going to do next week?