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Captured for posterity - New and notable on iTunes, but in books rather than podcasts

Published by Mr. C

We've mentioned a couple of times lately that releasing mobile apps and books has reminded us of the old days, back when we recorded our first couple of podcasts.

Building up from zero to 100 podcast listeners was, and still is, a memorable point in Sidepodcast's history. At some point, the numbers got too big to follow but now, five years on, we're back to smaller digits and we're getting that same rush of excitement watching interest grow.

Donning a pair of nostalgic glasses for a minute, the first post I wrote for this site related to being featured in iTunes. Clearly I was excited enough to go to the effort of writing it down and today I felt a similar level of pride seeing Christine's first book promoted in the same way.

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In the UK, part one of 365 F1 Stories is a featured book in the 'Sports' category and it very much feels like old times again. We're watching the book (and the app) climb and fall in the charts and keeping an eye out to see if either get featured, or if anyone takes the time to blog about them.

A huge thank you must go out to everyone who's ever downloaded a podcast, read a book or bought an app that we've been a part of. The internet recently turned 20 years old and already it has entirely dominated our lives. Tonight we shall raise a glass to the next 20 and all the engaging things we can do with it in the future.