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Canada 2013 - Rate the race // Pick your driver of the day, and score the Grand Prix out of five

Published by Christine

The Montreal weekend promised a lot, and anticipation was high. After two days of very changeable weather, the sun was strong in the sky when Sunday rolled around. The race itself, as they always do, has split fans down the middle. Was it good? Was it not? There's only one way to decide and that is to have your say and rate the race right here.

Rate the Canadian GP

Rate the Canadian GP

100 votes

It was potentially a less eventful race than we might have anticipated, and there were some disappointments at the front as Williams couldn't hold the pace, and Red Bull could. However, there was a lot of fighting for position further back, and some rather odd decisions by drivers to ignore blue flags, which caused a penalty or two. With that, and three retirements, it's time to score the Canadian race, with five stars being the best.

There was a lot to think about after the racing was over, particularly in the immediate aftermath. The fans below the podium made themselves very clear about their feelings for Sebastian Vettel. Meanwhile, those drivers not on the podium have some very important debriefs to sit through.

Rate the vocal Canadian fans

108 votes

As Sebastian Vettel began to speak during the post-race podium interviews, the fans in the crowd below began booing, and not only that, they also started chanting Fernando Alonso's name. How do you rate this? Is it acceptable behaviour and something Vettel deserves? Or is it disrespectful, particularly after such an impressive drive? Rate five stars as an okay reaction, and one star as a disappointing show of fandom.

Rate McLaren's strategy

91 votes

McLaren have broken a 64-race long streak of points finishes, with both Jenson Button and Sergio Pérez unable to break through the top ten. The team split their strategies, with Button stopping just once and Pérez stopping twice, but even that wasn't enough to haul them up the order. Rate McLaren's weekend - five stars in that their decisions were good but the car just isn't fast enough, or one star to demonstrate that the car can do better and the team are holding themselves back.

Of course, we must select our driver of the day, and whilst it would be very easy to say which driver was the worst of the afternoon, it's less clear who deserves top plaudits. Vettel put in a storming drive, with just one mistake under pressure. But behind him, others were putting on their own good performances.

Who was your driver of the day in Canada?

  • Sebastian Vettel

  • Fernando Alonso

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Jean-Éric Vergne

  • Paul di Resta

  • Felipe Massa


108 votes

As ever, you can vote in secret, or share your thoughts below. If we haven't included your preferred driver of the day, do let us know who you would have picked and why.

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