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Canada 2011 - Rate the race - Pick the driver of the day and judge the racing action in Montreal

Published by Christine

We have yet to record the Debrief podcast this weekend, but as Mr C and I missed most of the good stuff following the lengthy red flag period, we're probably going to have to absent ourselves from the usual rate the race and driver of the day fun and games. That doesn't mean you all have to though!

Rate the race

This is how we'd rated races up to the Monaco GP.

Rate the Race 2011
AustraliaMr C7
MalaysiaMr C9
ChinaMr C9.5
TurkeyMr C9.75
SpainMr C8.5
MonacoMr C6
CanadaMr C4

After the red flag came out, and as it was starting to feel like the race would never get going again, I could only think that this race was going to get a rating of zero. There was little in the first 25 laps to get excited about.

However, I caught bits and pieces of what came once the race restarted, and I saw plenty of comments proclaiming it was the best race ever. Was it? How would you rate it?

Rate the race graph

Driver of the day

From what I saw, driver of the day is probably headed towards Jenson Button, although he was slightly lucky at the end to have Vettel make an uncharacteristic mistake. To even be in that position after all that had gone on before makes him worthy of the accolade, surely?

Do you agree, or did someone else catch your eye?

Update: After recording the show for this race, I've updated the scores and the graph. Mr C chose Michael Schumacher as his driver of the day, and I abstained.

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