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Canada 2010 - Race highlights - Lap by lap coverage of the chaotic and entertaining Montreal event

Published by Christine

What a race for the Factbyte Factbox to make it's return! There was non-stop action through the entire 70 laps at Montreal, and we saw tyre problems, collisions, overtaking, and sulky radio messages to keep us entertained.

Here, you can relive the race step by step, with brand new tables and statistics littered through the two hours. Enjoy!

As it happened: 2010 Canada - The Race

  • 16:30

    Ooh, hello. Is this thing on?

  • 16:31

    The Factbyte Factbox is resurrected whilst some bits and pieces are tested out.

  • 16:32

    A change from yesterday's qualifying lineup. Mark Webber has taken a five place grid penalty for a new gearbox. He starts seventh.

  • 16:33

    Vettel now lines up on the front row alongside Hamilton.

  • 16:33

    From @MikeGascoyne: Forecast saying definitely no rain and max temp going up, so I'll take my rain jacket to the grid!!!!

  • 16:34

    From @tonyfernandes: All set up. Shd be a great race. Almost feel like I'm there with the radios. Only I can't speak. Maybe a good thing for mike hahahahaha.

  • 16:35

    If Rubens completes 59 laps today, he will become the first F1 driver to complete 15,000 laps. Impressive stuff.

  • 16:36

    And if we have jinxed him for today, he will at least complete that over the next couple of races.

  • 16:37

    So, if you are in the UK, the BBC are streaming the race alongside live text commentary:

  • 16:37

    Autosport Live have regular updates:

  • 16:39

    McLaren's race data is available: and live timing via

  • 16:44

    Liuzzi starts 5th on the grid - impressive from Force India. His mechanics, talking to Brundle on the gridwalk, believe he could win it. "Stranger things have happened" says Martin.

  • 16:52

    From @autosportlive: A sellout crowd is in attendance at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit, having not had the chance to watch Formula 1 in the flesh last year.

  • 16:59
    Track Data
    Track Temp38°
    Air Temp25°
    Wind Speed2.6mps
  • 17:00

    From @sarahholtf1: Button says he is relaxed "ish" but he is looking super focused as he sits in his McLaren fourth on the grid

  • 17:00

    They move away for the formation lap.

  • 17:02

    From @edb_lotusracing: Here we go again! Surely this week will be our 2 car finish. Should be a great race. How many SC's do you reckon?

  • 17:03

    Massa and Liuzzi collide knocking the Force India out.

  • 17:05

    Kobayashi jumps a kerb and crashes into the wall of champions.

  • 17:05

    De La Rosa and Liuzzi both pit. Massa also comes in.

  • 17:05

    Enormous brake dust comes off Massa's car as they change tyres.

  • 17:07

    Kobayashi walks back to the garage as his car is cleared.

  • 17:07

    Top five after three laps: Ham, Vet, Alo, But, Web.

  • 17:08

    Webber is hassling Button for 4th place.

  • 17:10

    Webber passes Button, and Kubica now closes up to the McLaren.

  • 17:10

    Schumacher has passed Sutil for 7th place. Further back, Buemi is up to 10th and Kovi is up to 12th place.

  • 17:12

    Button pits from 5th, whilst Vettel is close up behind Hamilton, hoping to overtake for the lead.

  • 17:13

    Hamilton and Alonso both pit handing the lead to Vettel, followed by Webber. Out of the pits, Alonso got past Hamilton - they were side by side out of the pits, but the Ferrari made it stick.

  • 17:15

    From @rf1paddockpass: Many early pit stops as the cars on option tyres are switching to the hard compounds

  • 17:16

    Hamilton passes Kovalainen easily for 6th, whilst Button struggles to pass him. Di Grassi is up to 11th!!

  • 17:16

    From @lawrobarretto: Massa is flying. He's nearly two seconds quicker than anyone else! But he's at the back of the field!

  • 17:17

    The stewards are investigating Petrov for a potential jump start.

  • 17:18

    Kobayashi says they were all braking late, he was suddenly on the kerbs and couldn't stop the car.

  • 17:18

    Petrov given a drive through penalty.

  • 17:18

    Pit to Lewis: "Lewis, if you have an opportunity to attack, then go for it." He is still behind Alonso.

  • 17:20

    Schumacher pits from third place. The Red Bulls continue in 1 and 2.

  • 17:21

    Schumacher battling with Kubica for position, seemed to cut the corner to keep the position, but neither car willing to give each other room.

  • 17:21

    Webber pits first.

  • 17:22

    Current top 5 - Vet, Bue, Alo, Ham, But... Buemi second!?

  • 17:22

    Vettel pits now, meaning Buemi is leading the race.

  • 17:23

    Schumacher pit again - possibly damage from the Kubica tussle, but a change of tyres anyway.

  • 17:24

    Buemi holding up Alonso, allowing Hamilton to close right up and overtake for second. Buemi pits. McLaren lead.

  • 17:25

    Senna in the garage, removing his helmet. Another retirement for HRT.

  • 17:25
    Top Speed
    Sector 1Hamilton250kph
    Sector 2Kubica282kph
    Sector 3Barrichello285kph
    Speed TrapPetrov324kph
  • 17:28

    From @autosportlive: Massa is up to 16th place in the Ferrari and is making reasonable progress. That becomes 15th as he passes the pitted Kovalainen.

  • 17:28

    Ted Kravitz reports that teams will be considering three stop strategies.

  • 17:29

    Petrov stops and has a new nose put on.

  • 17:29

    Chandhok has not yet pitted - the only driver not to have stopped yet.

  • 17:31

    From @MikeGascoyne: Heikki racing massa now, jarno being held up by Petrov. Great to be really racing

  • 17:31

    No investigation into the first corner incident between Massa and Liuzzi.

  • 17:33

    From @VirginRacing: First blue flag after 22 laps

  • 17:33

    Current top 5 - Ham, Alo, But, Vet, Web.

  • 17:34

    Petrov under investigation again for the accident at the start. Another drive through penalty.

  • 17:34

    From @InsideFerrari: Fernando is matching the pace of the mclarens. The race is very open and more pit stop are due to come

  • 17:36

    Vettel reports that his rear tyres are falling off slowly. His engineer lets him know his pace is good.

  • 17:36

    Kubica and Sutil scrapping for 6th place. Kubica holds it for now.

  • 17:38

    Alonso was about to overtake Hamilton for the lead, but the McLaren dived into the pit lane.

  • 17:40

    Sutil suffering a puncture, presumably from his fight with Kubica.

  • 17:41

    Hulkenberg investigated for speeding in the pitlane.

  • 17:41

    Drive through penalty for Hulkenberg. Sutil pits for new tyres.

  • 17:44
    Current Positions
  • 17:46

    Pedro de la Rosa appears to have an engine problem, his race is over.

  • 17:46

    From @rf1paddockpass: There could be some oil on the track at turn one, drivers are being told to watch out for it.

  • 17:48

    From @MikeGascoyne: Going for 3 stops with heikki, primes going on again

  • 17:50
    Current Positions
    12SutilForce India
    13LiuzziForce India
  • 17:51

    Massa takes the fastest lap. From @InsideFerrari: Felipe's pace is amazing, which added pain to pain for what happened at the start

  • 17:51

    From @alanbaldwinf1: "Do I have to pass Button to win?," asks Vettel in fifth place. The answer is yes. And a few others.

  • 17:52

    The stewards will investigate an incident between Sutil and Kubica going into the pits after the race.

  • 17:53

    Alguersuari and Barrichello also to be investigated after the race. Not sure why.

  • 17:56

    Webber reports his tyres are starting to go off.

  • 17:57
    Top Speed
    Sector 1Vettel254kph
    Sector 2Kubica285kph
    Sector 3Massa288kph
    Speed TrapPetrov324kph
  • 17:59

    Massa trying his best to get past Sutil for 12th place. Not yet managed it.

  • 17:59

    Actually, it was Liuzzi. The same pair that were fighting on the first lap.

  • 18:00

    From @autosportlive: Sebastien Buemi has done a great job all day. He is eighth and now catching a four-second gap to Nico Rosberg, who is seventh.

  • 18:01

    McLaren radio: "Lewis, you're racing Alonso for the win."

  • 18:05

    Webber's rear tyres look badly worn. The gap is closing. When will he pit?

  • 18:06

    From @VirginRacing: It's like kwik fit in here today! Contemplating getting the tyres from the hire car ;-)

  • 18:06

    Trulli has stopped, extinguishers on the car.

  • 18:07

    Red Bull tell Vettel they are "managing an issue" on his car.

  • 18:09

    Massa finally manages to get past Liuzzi. Four cars very close together, squeezing through the corners.

  • 18:09

    Hamilton overtakes Webber easily. Alonso closes up behind the Red Bull as well.

  • 18:10

    Webber pits finally, allowing Alonso into second.

  • 18:11

    Webber rejoins in 14th, behind Liuzzi.

  • 18:13

    Webber in fifth, not fourteenth. Because that would have been a really bad call for Red Bull, as opposed to just a bad one.

  • 18:14

    Replays show Hamilton's tyres looking pretty worn out too.

  • 18:15

    As Sutil tries to get past Kovalainen, Massa muscles past them both.

  • 18:18

    Button passes Alonso for second place. A McLaren 1-2 at the moment.

  • 18:19
    Current Positions
    4VettelRed Bull
    5WebberRed Bull
  • 18:19
    Current Positions
    9BuemiToro Rosso
  • 18:22

    From @EliGP: Story prediction: Alonso slams backmarkers

  • 18:25

    Buemi overtakes Schumacher for 8th place.

  • 18:26

    Kubica pitted for new tyres and has put in the fastest lap.

  • 18:28

    Massa touches the back of Schumacher's car, and now has a damaged front wing.

  • 18:29

    Massa pits for a new front wing.

  • 18:32

    Incident between Massa and Schumacher to be investigated after the race. They have a busy night in store!

  • 18:32
    Live Championship Standings
  • 18:37

    Lewis Hamilton wins the Canadian Grand Prix! Button follows for a McLaren 1-2 and Alonso also makes the podium.

  • 18:39

    Vettel stopped right after the finish line.

  • 18:40

    From @clubforce: Tonio and Sutil have both passed Schumacher. Both Force India cars in the points at the end of the Canadian GP. Tonio P9. Adrian P10.

  • 18:41

    From @KataHyde: Well done to our team for finishing ahead of a Renault and top new team again! Also well done to Mclaren for another 1-2! :)

  • 18:44

    Thanks to everyone for joining us for the GP today. Next stop Valencia in two weeks.

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