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Can you Digg it? - Sidepodcast gets a presence on the community minded sharing site

Published by Christine

I'm not entirely sure how it is that we've done 4 whole episodes already. That means we've been podcasting for an entire month - time definitely flies when you're having fun.

The podcast is listed in plenty of directories, because, you know, people have to be able to find it, but by far the most interesting one is Digg.

You've probably heard of Digg, but if not, it's basically a way of everyone pointing to the things they like. So, you submit a news story, people digg it (or click to say they like it) and it gets higher and higher up the list. Now they've started listing podcasts as well - and we're there in the Sports section.

If you've got two minutes to spare (and it really does only take two minutes), why not think about heading on over there and taking a look.

You know, we're on there, under the sports section, and there's a button saying 'Digg It'. In the sports section. Big button. Digg it.

You know you want to.