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Can Ferrari win before the summer break? - The Scuderia need a boost to their 2010 fortunes

Published by Christine

Stefano Domenicali has been talking about Ferrari's plans for the next few weeks, and in an interview on the team's official website, he suggested that a win would do wonders for their motivation. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to come to that conclusion, but with just one victory under their belts so far in 2010, how do their chances rate for another winners trophy soon?

Members of the Ferrari team look on in anticipation.
Credit: Ferrari S.p.A.

Domenicali says it would be good to get a win before the summer break, as it would be great for the championship chances, and would spur the team on to work hard before racing gets underway again in Spa. With just three races before the break, though, do they have time to improve that much? And are any of the upcoming tracks going to favour them?


Stefano revealed that Ferrari will be bringing updates to their car over the next few races, but Silverstone will feature the smallest changes of the three. The last time the red cars succeeded at the British GP was with Kimi Räikkönen in 2007, and since then we've had one Red Bull winner and one McLaren. With those two being the cars to beat, and a strong home advantage for McLaren, will Ferrari be able to make a move forward? The track's been changed slightly so it may take a turn towards favouring their cars.


For Germany, the team should have a bigger update package to the car, and the team have a psychological advantage by remaining popular with German fans, despite the disappearance of a certain star driver. He was their last winner there. In fact, the last three times Ferrari have won in Hockenheim have been with Schumi, so they may find themselves craning their necks down the pitlane to see what they're missing. Again, it's been Red Bull and McLaren victories of late, so they appear to have the edge.


The Hungarian Grand Prix has been dominated by McLaren for four out of the last five years, with a rogue Honda win somewhere in the middle. Ferrari haven't seen victory since 2004, and although Stefano says they might be bringing more updates to this race, it's going to have to be something special to knock Hamilton or Button off the top spot. Hungary was also the scene of Massa's big accident and whilst he's confident it hasn't affected him, being back there is bound to make the team a bit jittery.

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