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Camp nowhere - Join us for a summer of fun, from the comfort of your own home

Published by Christine

Sidepodcast Summer Camp

As Formula One heads towards its traditional summer break, I was thinking about what we could do here on Sidepodcast to a) celebrate a good first half of the season and b) keep ourselves entertained while we wait for the manic second half to begin. The idea came to me that we could have our very own Sidepodcast summer camp, a virtual collection of summer style activities to amuse us as the days tick by.

I’ve never been to a summer camp and Mr C has never even heard of one, so we have very little authority on the subject. The font of all knowledge that is Wikipedia, tells us that it is "a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months in some countries." Well, hey, it is summer at least.

Rather than collecting all the Sidepodcast readers up and shipping them off to some cabins in the wood, I thought it might be easier and more fun to turn the summer camp into a virtual idea. We're all about connecting across the globe as the internet makes the world smaller, and I decided a fortnight of blog-based activities that we could turn up to each day and participate in was the ideal thing.

So far, my thoughts have extended as far as things like a Sidepodfilmclub Summer Edition, a quiz, a midnight feast, a campfire of ghost stories, an extended Hangout and perhaps the return of the Sidepodjukebox. I’ve not yet figured out how we can do virtual archery, but there must be a way.

I’m opening up the suggestion box to one and all for ideas, volunteers, links, tips and more - anything we can do to keep our spirits up as the F1 drought takes hold in August. This is the kind of thing that is as good as you make it, and I think we can make it amazing!

When the summer camp concept was mentioned on Twitter, Giggles came up with the idea of camp counsellers, those who look after the kids and stop them getting into trouble. Perhaps we could have a few of those, under my Chief Head Honcho Counseller position, obviously. Some people to guide the fun along.

I don’t know any of the details, I just know that it’s an idea and it seems like a good one and I think the Sidepodcast community is exactly the right set of creative types to make it work. So, put all your best ideas and suggestions in the comments and we’ll get this organised!