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Cafes do Brasil Indy 300 - Race highlights - Factbyte Factbox coverage of the IndyCar race in Miami

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Will Power in the pits.
Will Power in the pits.Credit: IZOD IndyCar

Dario Franchitti took the 2010 IndyCar championship title by a five point margin in Homestead, FL this evening. As well as taking the title he managed to lead the most laps during the race. Title contender, and championship leader going into this Will Power's hope came to a crashing end as he tapped the wall damaging his suspension on lap 134.

With the title battle all but over it was left to teammates Danica Patrick and Tony Kanaan to duke it out and follow Franchitti's team mate Scott Dixon over the line. A nail-biting end to the IndyCar season and a fitting send off for 2010.

Take a look below to see how the 200 lap race did IndyCar proud.

As it happened: 2010 Cafes do Brasil Indy 300

  • 22:33

    Hello? Hi. Phew. Sorry for being a few minutes late. I was in the loft.

  • 22:34

    We are gathered here today to celebrate the grand finale of the IndyCar season, taking place at the Homestead Miami Speedway.

  • 22:36

    Dario Franchitti has secured pole position for today's race - putting him in a prime position to fight Will Power for the title.

  • 22:36

    His teammate Dixon lines up second, whilst championship leader Power is third, with his teammate fourth.

  • 22:39

    In fact, let's have a table.

    Grid Lineup
  • 22:40

    The action kicks off at 7pm Eastern Time, and we're not sure what that is in UK time.

  • 22:41

    We think we might be a bit early.

  • 22:42

    Maybe I could pass the time talking about Franck and how he is leading Petit Le Mans at the moment? No, I won't do that.

  • 22:51

    There are 11 points between the two championship contenders, and with 50 up for grabs for a win - plus points going all the way down the field, it's anybody's guess who will take the title.

  • 22:51

    In fact, take your guess. Place your bets now - Power or Franchitti?

  • 22:54
    Performance Summary
    DriverWill Power
    Best Start1
    Best Finish1
    Laps Completed2,010
    Races Led14
    Laps Led460
  • 22:54
    Performance Summary
    DriverDario Franchitti
    Best Start1
    Best Finish1
    Laps Completed1,976
    Races Led10
    Laps Led424
  • 22:57

    ...and just for fun.

    Performance Summary
    DriverMilka Duno
    Best Start17
    Best Finish19
    Laps Completed963
    Races Led0
    Laps Led0
  • 22:58

    The calm before the storm. People start milling about onto the track.

  • 22:58

    The cameraman appears to have woken up. We can see the Penske team preparing their cars in the pit lane. Everyone else is too, of course.

  • 23:01

    Danica Patrick was the top girl in qualifying, taking 11th. Ana Beatriz picked up 15th, with Sarah Fisher 17th. Simona and Milka were 25th and 27th respectively.

  • 23:04

    Will Power hasn't won a title yet, Franchitti has two to his name.

  • 23:13

    There have been seven different winners this season, although one driver has clearly been dominating proceedings.

    Race Wins
    1Will Power5
    2Dario Franchitti3
    3Helio Castroneves2
    4Scott Dixon2
    5Ryan Briscoe1
    6Tony Kanaan1
    7Ryan Hunter-Reay1
  • 23:21

    TweetTweet from @indy44: Excited about the finale. Not so much that the season's over. #IZODIndyCar

  • 23:25

    Sarah Fisher's car and overalls are terribly pink. Just sayin'.

  • 23:26

    The IndyCar commentators say Franchitti scored pole position at the first race of the year, and has picked up pole for today - a nice pair of bookends for the season.

  • 23:30

    Interview with Franchitti: "If we've got the speed tonight and we have one of those nights where we don't make any mistakes, we'll be in a good position... We'll be trying as hard as we possibly can. We'll be looking after the things we can control and see where it leaves us... All we have to do is lead the most number of laps and win. That's all we've got to do."

  • 23:30

    Fisher's pink carSee how pink?

  • 23:31

    Interview with Power: "If we've got a good enough car to attack him I will, if not I'll sit and wait. There's a lot to play out over the whole race, I've got two teammates to help me out... I will be mindful of where he is during the race because that will affect how I drive."

  • 23:32

    TweetTweet from @hlrule: Pulling for @simdesilvestro for Rookie of the Year. Hoping @SarahFisher67 and Marco do well. #IZODIndyCar

  • 23:42

    "We're ten minutes away from the command to start your engines."

  • 23:49

    TweetTweet from @kvracing: National anthem been sung, drivers in their cars, just waiting for the command

  • 23:52

    The grandstands are terribly empty.

  • 23:56

    The engines, they have been started.

  • 23:58

    The cars are on their way, rolling along the track towards the start. It's almost time for the final race of the season to begin.

  • 00:00 Lap 1

    Green flagRace started.

  • 00:01 Lap 1

    Sparks are flying!

  • 00:01 Lap 1

    QuoteComment from Leigh O'Gorman: Last year's season closer was a caution-free run from lights to flag - let's hope for the same

  • 00:01 Lap 2

    Those sparks are terrifying. How can anyone see in a shower like that?

  • 00:03 Lap 6

    TweetTweet from @IndyCarNation: Marco Andretti #26 started 16th and is already up to 7th place on lap 4

  • 00:04 Lap 7

    Franchitti leads his teammate Dixon, and the pair are doing a pretty good job of working together for now.

  • 00:05 Lap 10


    TweetTweet from @IndyCarNation: Ryan Hunter-Reay #37 started 20th and is up to 12th on lap 5

  • 00:06 Lap 12

    Tony Kanaan is in third and has closed right up to the pair in front.

  • 00:07 Lap 15

    Milka has gone up a few places to 22nd, after starting last.

  • 00:08 Lap 18

    All eyes are trained on the top three, as you can imagine.

  • 00:10 Lap 22
    Battle For 1st
  • 00:11 Lap 23

    Power was fourth momentarily but Castroneves has the position now.

  • 00:12 Lap 28

    Moraes pits, he was struggling with oversteer.

  • 00:15 Lap 33

    Way back at Infineon, Indycar saw it's fewest changes for the lead with just 2, whilst at Chicagoland there were a whopping 23 changes for the lead!

  • 00:15 Lap 34

    Tony Kanaan has passed Dixon for second. Franchitti is up there on his own now, with no wingman!

  • 00:16 Lap 36

    Yellow flagYellow flags - Moraes is crawling.

  • 00:17 Lap 36

    The pitlane crews are preparing for cars.

  • 00:18 Lap 38

    Moraes is out of the race, his day is done. A gearbox issue seems to be the problem, and the car is being towed.

  • 00:19 Lap 39

    All cars pile into the pits bar Sarah Fisher. She's done this before!

  • 00:20 Lap 40

    That pitstop business is a bit manic under those conditions. All I can tell you is Dario leads, Tony Kanaan stalled.

  • 00:21 Lap 40

    Sarah Fisher is pitting now. Is that strategy? Or perhaps she prefers the pitlane a bit quieter?

  • 00:22 Lap 42

    Dixon is still in third, having been jumped by Briscoe. He was given a second chance to help out with Kanaan falling backwards, but he's still not doing it.

  • 00:22 Lap 42

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 00:23 Lap 43

    Briscoe appears to have the advantage as he fights Franchitti side by side for the lead.

  • 00:23 Lap 44

    CrashBeatriz has hit the wall.

  • 00:23 Lap 45

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 00:24 Lap 45

    Franchitti was just in the lead as the yellows came out. If he'd have been behind he would have lost the place, but luck is on his side for now.

  • 00:26 Lap 47

    Beatriz is out of the car, and out of the race. This was just her fourth race of the year, and she was brand new this season as well. Not a great end to 2010.

  • 00:27 Lap 48

    Wilson and Tagliani have pitted.

  • 00:28 Lap 48

    Fisher pitted again!

  • 00:29 Lap 49

    Anna's AccidentAna comes to a halt.

  • 00:30 Lap 50

    Interview with Moraes: "Very frustrating ending here like this. We have a mechanical problem, the steering started to feel a bit loose, and I came to the pits. After we have a gearbox problem. I've been working really hard for this race... It's very frustrating."

  • 00:30 Lap 51

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 00:32 Lap 53

    Briscoe has taken the lead.

  • 00:32 Lap 54

    Franchitti's in the lead again.

  • 00:32 Lap 54

    They'd better not keep this up all race.

  • 00:33 Lap 56

    Kanaan is back up to third again, despite his stalling issue earlier. It is really close at the front.

  • 00:35 Lap 62

    Battle for leadSome beautiful racing happening out there.

  • 00:36 Lap 63

    The lead is changing hands over and over, but crucially, Dario is down to fourth, whilst Dixon is now pushing in the lead.

  • 00:36 Lap 63

    I don't quite know how that happened. Last time I blinked and looked Dixon was third.

  • 00:38 Lap 68
    Driver Positions
    1DixonTarget Chip Ganassi
    2KanaanTeam 7-Eleven
    3BriscoeTeam Penske
    4FranchittiTarget Chip Ganassi
    5CastronevesTeam Penske
  • 00:40 Lap 72

    Ryan Hunter-Reay gesticulates to Patrick as he passes.

  • 00:41 Lap 75

    Franchitti is back in the lead now. Kanaan, sort of, handed it to him, though.

  • 00:42 Lap 77

    TweetTweet from @IndyCarNation: Will Power #12 takes fourth spot from teammate Briscoe #6

  • 00:46 Lap 88

    Franchitti is leading nicely now, and the more he leads, the closer he gets to the coveted "most laps led" which will give him two championship points.

  • 00:48 Lap 91

    Briscoe comes in to the pits.

  • 00:50 Lap 95

    Commentators suggest that those making it past lap 100 can one stop - but beforehand, they cannot.

  • 00:50 Lap 95

    Milka Duno had a problem in the pitlane, missing her pitbox and hitting another driver's tyres.

  • 00:50 Lap 96

    Dario pits from the lead.

  • 00:51 Lap 97

    Good, clean stop from Dario.

  • 00:52 Lap 100

    Problem in the pits for Viso - he left with the fuel hose attached. A few flames, and some debris out on track.

  • 00:52 Lap 100


  • 00:54 Lap 104

    Alex Tagliani may have taken advantage of the strategy mentioned earlier - he could get by on one more stop, whereas most of the others will need to stop twice. It all depends on yellows, of course.

  • 00:55 Lap 107
    Driver Positions
    1FranchittiTarget Chip Ganassi
    2KanaanTeam 7-Eleven
    3DixonTarget Chip Ganassi
    4Will PowerVerizon Team Penske
    5BriscoeTeam Penske
  • 01:00 Lap 118

    Franchitti has the most laps led under his belt, picking up those two points. The championship lead is down to 9 points now.

  • 01:02 Lap 122
  • 01:02 Lap 123

    Kanaan and Franchitti are fighting for the lead once more.

  • 01:02 Lap 123

    Dario has it for now.

  • 01:04 Lap 126

    They are busy lapping cars. Apparently there are only 12 cars on the lead lap at the moment.

  • 01:07 Lap 134

    Danica is up to fifth, which is pretty good for now.

  • 01:07 Lap 134

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 01:07 Lap 134

    Will Power has problems.

  • 01:08 Lap 135

    Power has hit the wall. Several times by the sound of it.

  • 01:08 Lap 135

    He's still running, not out of the race. It's not really clear why the caution in that instance.

  • 01:11 Lap 137

    Half the field are pitting - including Will Power, who's getting some extensive attention. They have shut off the engine.

  • 01:12 Lap 138

    Power's championship battle is over, but they aren't giving up on the car.

  • 01:14 Lap 140

    Power's car has a damaged upper, right wishbone. He's sitting in the car as the mechanics do their thing. I don't think gutted would even begin to sum up how he's feeling.

  • 01:15 Lap 141

    Power misses pitboxWill Power misses his pitbox due to damage.

  • 01:16 Lap 142

    Reports suggest Kanaan pulled away from his pitstop with the fuel hose still attached as well. Not going well for pit crews today.

  • 01:17 Lap 143

    Power back out on track, 25th position and 6 laps down.

  • 01:18 Lap 144

    TweetTweet from @IndyCarNation: Tony Kanaan #11 , Bertrand Baguette #34, and E.J. Viso #8 all being moved to the back of the field for leaving pit with fuel hose attached

  • 01:18 Lap 144

    Has everyone forgotten how to pit today or something?

  • 01:22 Lap 147

    We don't know why this caution was even called in the first place, and it seems to be going on for an awful long time.

  • 01:23 Lap 149

    Power is back in the pits again. They changed the wishbone in just over 5 minutes, which is epic. The car is still not right yet.

  • 01:24 Lap 150

    Power has climbed out of the car. The mechanics are still working, but it looks like it's over for him.

  • 01:25 Lap 151

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 01:26 Lap 154
    Inter-Team Battle
    Newman/Haas Racing
    Graham Rahal13th
    Hideki Mutoh21st
  • 01:27 Lap 155

    Working on Power's car.Power's car sits empty in the garage.

  • 01:28 Lap 158

    QuoteComment from Leigh O'Gorman: 16 laps!!! 16 laps because the wall was brushed!!

  • 01:28 Lap 159

    Marco Andretti started in 16th place, but is now somehow in the lead.

  • 01:30 Lap 161

    Franchitti appears to be going backwards right now. Down in 5th.

  • 01:32 Lap 166

    Yellow flagFull course caution. What now??

  • 01:33 Lap 167

    There is debris reported at turn 2.

  • 01:34 Lap 168

    Dario pitted - a very speedy stop.

  • 01:35 Lap 169

    QuoteComment from Joe in Fla: Yes, Power gets points as a 25th place finisher.

    Dario needs to finish 10th or higher.

  • 01:36 Lap 170

    Green flagYellow flagWHO KNOWS??

  • 01:36 Lap 171

    It went green for a millisecond, and then something happened to keep the yellows out a while longer.

  • 01:37 Lap 172

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 01:37 Lap 172

    No, it really is this time.

  • 01:38 Lap 174

    Kanaan overtakes two cars in one go. Or maybe it was an undertake. Either way he is in first... briefly.

  • 01:38 Lap 174

    Dixon moves back in front.

  • 01:39 Lap 175

    CrashDuno has crashed!

  • 01:39 Lap 175

    Yellow flagFull course caution.

  • 01:40 Lap 176

    Duno spun into the wall inches from Franchitti, who escaped unscathed. It seems as though luck is on Dario's side tonight.

  • 01:42 Lap 178

    Milka Duno crashes out.Duno brings her 2010 campaign to an end.

  • 01:43 Lap 179

    The commentators are saying that Dario IS the champion now.

  • 01:43 Lap 179

    The maths does not work in my head, but I believe them.

  • 01:45 Lap 181

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 01:45 Lap 182

    Danica is in third right now.

  • 01:48 Lap 188

    Castroneves pulls alongside Danica, but she's keeping third at the moment.

  • 01:48 Lap 189

    Dixon has managed to pull out a bit of lead now, thanks to the scrapping going on behind.

  • 01:49 Lap 191
    Battle For 2nd
  • 01:50 Lap 194

    Would it be unprofessional to say: Gooo Danica!


  • 01:52 Lap 198

    QuoteComment from Kate: Danica can occasionally be very impressive, with races like this and Texas. Unfortunately, it just doesnt happen often enough.

  • 01:53 Lap 200

    Chequered flagScott Dixon wins the Cafes do Brasil Indy 300!

  • 01:53 Lap 200

    Oops, I might have missed the chequered flag there! I was too busy watching the epic battle for second.

  • 01:54 Lap 200

    Danica vs Tony.She got it! What an awesome way to end the race.

  • 01:56

    Interview with Will Power: "I was trying to get around Hunter-Reay, he kept changing his line, I wasn't sure what he was going to do each time. That time he was up high... We let a lot of good points go. This is a bad result but it was tough coming into the last race and to have to hold on to it. That's racing man, that's how it goes. I know we had a good season, just disappointing. I was trying to do everything I could because at that point in the race I knew unless I did something special, Dario had the championship... I ended up brushing the wall."

  • 01:57

    TweetTweet from @IndyCarNation: Dario Franchitti is your 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series Overall and Oval Champion! Congrats to Dario and Target Chip Ganassi Racing!

  • 01:59

    Interview with Scott Dixon: "Huge night, more importantly for Dario and the team. Huge credit to the team who have put in the effort for this year. We stayed at the front most of the night, we saved a bit of fuel, worked on the car for the traffic. We had some great pitstops as well. Luckily enough it played out perfect."

  • 01:59

    TweetTweet from jpmontoya: Congrats to dario and the Target team on the Indy championship!!!

  • 01:59


  • 02:01

    Interview with Dario Franchitti: "What a great job from this target crew because we've had to fight for every single thing this year. Let me tell you, number three, it feels bloody good. I want to celebrate this moment.

    My teammate Scott Dixon could not have done any more today to help me out. And the fact that he won the race, you know, double celebration."

  • 02:03

    Interview with Danica Patrick: "After I crossed the line, I thought it wasn't a win but it felt like one. It was a good way to end the season. We've had our high points and we've had our low points. Hopefully we can improve the car to be better next year. That was a pretty hard charge there at the end. Hopefully, Tony and I put on a good show for the fans, so thanks to them for coming out."

  • 02:05

    Firestone FirehawkThe Firestone Firehawk is... odd.

  • 02:06

    TweetTweet from @IndyCarNation: Congratulations to Alex Lloyd for winning the Rookie of the Year honors in 2010!

  • 02:11

    Now, admittedly, I know very little, but that seemed like a really good race to end the season with. You have to feel sorry for Power, but equally feel happy for Franchitti, as he takes his third championship.

  • 02:12

    The season is over, and it's to 2011 that teams and drivers turn their attention. Silly season is about to begin apparently, so keep your eyes peeled for testing and movements.

  • 02:12

    Thank you for joining me this evening, and I hope we'll do more of this in the future!