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Bye bye Brawn - Ross Brawn could be on the way out of Ferrari

Published by Christine

Ferrari, as usual, are keeping quiet. Senior management have said "no comment"  on what the organisation is going to look like next year, but one thing is pretty certain - technical director Ross Brawn won't be there. reports that high level sources have spotted Brawn talking about his future and telling colleagues of his impending departure from the team in 2007.

Brawn himself has yet to comment.

I think it's safe to put money on the fact that he won't be here next year. After that, he could come back, he could move to a different team, it's impossible to look that far ahead in the fast moving team shuffling world of F1.

Perhaps it is just his way of respecting what Michael Schumacher and he have achieved together. He may not be retiring like the great man, but he's having his period of mourning.