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By McLaren fans, for McLaren fans - Vote for a design that will be sold in the team's shop

Published by Christine

McLaren vote

During last week's show, we talked about McLaren's latest initiative to engage fans, by asking them to design the next McLaren hoody - one that would actually be sold in the McLaren eShop. Merchandise created by the fans for the fans. Excellent idea.

The team haven't stopped there, though, reaching out that one step further by inviting Steve at the McLaren Fan Blog to hold the official vote to decide the winner.

We've seen fan submission ideas before, particularly from Jenson Button, who has previously asked fans to design a Christmas Card and his helmet. They have been a little less interactive though, with submissions disappearing into the ether to be selected presumably by JB himself. McLaren are letting us make the final decision.

Thumbs up to the team, then, and now it's over to you. Who will you vote for? I don't want to sway your vote at all, but we do have submissions from two people of Sidepodland - designs from two of our favourite commenters Lou and Lukeh are up for your clicks.

I am intensely jealous of people who can design things, although to my eyes, some of them seem as though they already exist. It's probably just the red and silver look, though. Either way, I can't wait to see who wins, and I'm off to vote right now. If you haven't already, make time to do it now, and we'll report back with the winner!