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Button to Red Bull Racing? - Pondering what the future holds for Jenson in Formula One

Published by Mr. C

OK fine, maybe not. But one day he might, and no-one else is saying it... so I will.

Mr. B. currently has a long term contract with Honda, but right now they suck and Jenson isn't exactly renowned for his commitment to the written word. So let us assume the man and his manager are probably looking elsewhere. What are the options?

Well lets first discount the rank outsiders. JB desperately needs to move forward, so Spyker, Toro Rosso and Aguri won't take him to the front. Williams are on the way up, but without the big backers they're not a long term bet. Toyota have the budget but seemingly not the desire.

What of the top teams?

Renault's big cheese only has a short term, must-win, outlook and the team are struggling at the moment. They'll catch up soon no doubt, but Jenson has previous with this team and it's a long shot. Team Macca can be discounted as they already have a long term love affair with one Brit, while BMW currently have one more fast driver than they have seats.

That pretty much leaves Ferrari plus the boys in blue. I can't really see Jenson Interceptor fitting in with the red devils while the Todt dynasty is at the helm. So that leaves Team RBR.

With a big bucks owner and Newey on board, this is a team heading straight to the top, and one which may be able to take our man all the way. On top of that, Red Bull have the aging Coulthard (who'll be expecting his P45 any time soon), and no obvious replacement waiting in the wings.

I therefore predict that this is where 'the management' have currently set their sights. It's a win-win situation for pretty much everyone (Honda Racing excluded). Expect the court cases and ButtonGate 3 to begin this summer.