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Jenson and Lewis working together to achieve results? - Another marvellous campaign from Vodafone and McLaren

Published by Janna

Earlier today, Autosport's Jon Noble tweeted a link to the latest Vodafone viral advertisement, featuring both Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

The advert shows both drivers trying to build one of their cars together, without their mechanics, and illustrates how they need the team around them to become the world champions that they are.

This is an advert. It is staged and it is there to make a point. Having said all that, Jenson and Lewis really seem to be enjoying themselves, as do the people walking by who seemingly do not know what’s going on. I like the view you get of the factory, at one point (1:49) you can see the trophy cabinet, and of the two drivers who are very relaxed throughout.

The best part for me is when they are pretending to change the wheel in a pitstop.

As I have said, it is obviously staged for the cameras but I, for one, would rather see this than yet more shots of a car on a twisty mountain road, you get enough of those on Top Gear.

Well done Vodafone, Mclaren and whoever the advertising agency is, more please!