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Is it not you should have a bus pass, Martin? - Christine's Rankings, Week 5 - In which drivers take to their bikes, make videos and columns and more

Published by Christine

The racing finally got going this past weekend, but for Christine's Rankings, it's not the on track stuff that we're interested. Instead, this week, we have drivers answering questions from fans, making video blogs, and making jibes at former drivers turned broadcasters. There's also an exception for Vettel and his endless cycle of helmets.

Movements for Week 5

  • +2 Jenson Button: Visiting a children's hospital and signing some stuff for the kids.
  • +3 Daniel Ricciardo: Showing off some break-dancing skills. Should he be doing that this close to race day?
  • +2 Lewis Hamilton: Completing a fun half hour of answering questions from fans on Twitter.
  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: Paying tribute to the fans that waited in the rain on Saturday, only to find qualifying delayed to the following day.
  • +1 Nico Rosberg: Using his time stuck in traffic wisely, and bringing back the post-race videos for another season.
  • +2 Paul di Resta: Showing off some personality on the track walk/cycle with Martin Brundle and Chris Hoy.
  • +2 Giedo van der Garde: Winning the "new boys" beach tennis championship over his fellow rookies.
  • +2 Lewis Hamilton: Starting a new "column" on the BBC, starting with thoughts on the perception that he is trying to be cool, hanging with celebs and the like.
  • +1 Lewis Hamilton: Nice video answering questions from fans, I think he secretly does do that first one though.
  • +2 Sebastian Vettel: As ever, I don't approve of changing helmets all the time, but paying tribute to space-jumper Felix Baumgartner is very cool.

Standings for Week 5

This week's standings
10Giedo van der Garde210
22Lewis Hamilton510
35Daniel Ricciardo48
4-2Felipe Massa7
5-2Jean-Éric Vergne7
61Jenson Button26
7-2Kimi Räikkönen5
8-2Max Chilton4
90Esteban Gutiérrez3
100Nico Hülkenberg3
110Valtteri Bottas2
127Paul di Resta22
139Sebastian Vettel22
14-2Romain Grosjean1
15-2Charles Pic1
16-2Luiz Razia1
173Nico Rosberg11
18-3Mark Webber1
19-3Fernando Alonso1
20-3Sergio Pérez1
21-3Jules Bianchi0
22-1Adrian Sutil0
230Pastor Maldonado-1
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