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Britain 2011 - Rate the race - Decide who was the best driver of the day, and score the Grand Prix

Published by Christine

This week, we're hoping not to run a week behind before getting the podcast done, but even so, hearing what you guys thought about the race is so much fun, we're going to stick with having this post up before we've announced our own decisions. I have a sneaking suspicion that this race may fare a little better than Valencia did.

Rate the race

This is how we'd rated races up to the European GP.

Rate the Race 2011
AustraliaMr C7
MalaysiaMr C9
ChinaMr C9.5
TurkeyMr C9.75
SpainMr C8.5
MonacoMr C6
CanadaMr C4
EuropeMr C4
Rate the race graph

What did you make of the racing action today? What score would you give it out of 10?

Driver of the day

Another great selection of performances, with some controversy thrown in as well. Alonso took the win by keeping his head down, the Red Bull drivers both suffered at the hands of their team, and Hamilton bounced his way off Massa across the line.

Further back, Alguersuari put in another storming drive into the points, whilst Pérez also put in a good drive for a strong position.

Who is your driver of the day for the British Grand Prix?

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