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Bridgestone news - F1's sole tyre supplier promise no favouritism

Published by Christine

Bridgestone have been looking at their tyres for next season and have come to some conclusions.

They have decided that Ferrari will have no favouritism or advantage in the next year, despite the fact that the team have been partners with Bridgestone for years, and all the Michelin teams are having to make the switch.

The director of motorsport at Bridgestone Hirohide Hamashima, is absolutely positive that the single tyre supplier will make all teams level.

We have extensively modified the construction, more so than the hardness of the compounds. I think even those teams who have had experience of our tyres are going to have to start with a blank sheet of paper when it comes to understanding them.

- Hirohide Hamashima

This goes hand in hand with the news that Bridgestone are planning to use the same tyre spec throughout the entire winter tests. Unless there is a serious problem, the same spec tyres will be used in the cool November conditions in Barcelona, but also in the hotter climate of Australia when the 2007 season kicks off.

Surely this is asking for trouble, because I thought that tyres were adjusted according to the surfaces you were racing on, and the temperatures you were racing in. If it's hot, if it's grainy, if it's cool, if it's humid, the tyres react differently. I also can't imagine the reason behind this, if it's a money-saving thing - do they really need to? They have the monopoly of the entire field!