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Bridgestone are flexible - The Japanese tyre supplier agree to extra testing

Published by Christine

After offering only two three-day tests in mid-December, Bridgestone have been cajoled into adding some more dates to the calendar.

The non-Bridgestone teams (so, basically, 80% of them) were worrying about the lack of testing time before the 2007 season, especially Williams who have changed their engine supplier as well. They, and the other teams, were pushing to get as much mileage done on the tyres as possible.

And Bridgestone couldn't ignore their pleas. They've added an extra test in Barcelona in November.

This is important, because the number of teams that need to make the change for the one-tyre supplier rules outnumbers those that don't. It's also interesting that I can't imagine Bridgestone being quite so flexible if Mr Schumacher had any say in the matter.