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Briatore's boasting - Renault boss discusses Kimi Räikkönen

Published by Christine

To me, it would appear that the real competition of next year is going to be between McLaren and Ferrari, with the battle between Alonso and Räikkönen continuing with strength.

Flavio Briatore has a different opinion though, and is confident that despite the loss of his double world champion to his rival team, it shouldn't cause too much trouble.

They've always had fantastic drivers like Räikkönen: they always announce them early to demonstrate they're changing but this year the book of excuses has come to its last page.

- Flavio Briatore

And of Räikkönen's new team, Ferrari:

Ferrari without Schumacher and Brawn will be less competitive, that's normal when you lose people like those.

- Flavio Briatore

Two very good points, but a team of not-good-as-second-driver Fisichella and latest-in-a-line-of-finns Kovalainen doesn't strike me as being particularly strong.

I'd love to be wrong though.