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Brazil 2009 - Schedule - Plan your weekend for the penultimate race of the season

Published by Christine


After a brief respite from the racing action, we now head into the final two races of the season - with the championship battle getting more interesting every minute.

There are two schedules for the upcoming weekend in Brazil. The TV schedule details when the BBC start covering the sessions, and thus when the live commenting thread will go live. The second is our podcast schedule, but you will have to bear with us as we are still trying to locate cables from our move.

TV schedule

It is quite a change from the early mornings in Japan to the afternoon sessions of Brazil.

DaySessionThread OpensStarts
FridayFree Practice 113:3013:55
Free Practice 217:3017:55
SaturdayFree Practice 314:3014:55
Qualifying16:3017:10 (q1 starts 6pm)
SundayThe Race15:3016:10 (race starts 5pm)

Podcast schedule

Here are rough estimates of when the shows will be released over the coming few days:

DayPodcastSuggested Times
F1 Digest9pm
F1 Digest9pm
F1 Digest9pm
F1 Debrief (Live)8pm
MondayF1 Digest9pm
F1 Debrief (Podcast)9pm

We'll be around for every session in the live comments, and I hope you can join us when you can. Either way, enjoy the race!