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Brazil GP, 2007 - The 2007 World Champion is confirmed... barring an investigation

Published by Christine

This article was originally written for BellaOnline, but is republished here for posterity.

The Brazilian GP started as expected, with Massa on pole, Hamilton just behind him, and their team mates following closely. However, the first corner took it's usual toll. Räikkönen raced past Hamilton, but locked up going into the corner and held him up. This allowed Alonso to get past as well. Hamilton desperately tried to get the position back, but ran wide and lost a lot of places. After the first few corners, he was running inn 8 th and preparing a charge through the field.

Then he suddenly started slowing down, it looked like he couldn't get any gears. After a worrying few moments, with cars streaming past him, Hamilton got it going again, and was soon back up to top speed. Unfortunately, he was now down in 18 th. Not the start he was hoping for at all.

He switched strategies from a two stop to a three stop, and spent the rest of the race trying to make up the deficit. In his usual style, he dived past cars at every opportunity and made up some good places, but ultimately it wasn't enough and he finished out of the points.

Alonso had a relatively tame race, aside from taking Hamilton at the start, he did very little of any significance. He finished third.

So it was all about the Ferraris, and Massa led the race from the start, through the first set of pit stops, but Räikkönen jumped him during the second round. Räikkönen held on to the lead, won the race, and took the championship as well. The underdog had done it!

He was only allowed to celebrate for a few moments though, because the stewards began investigating Williams and BMW for fuel temperature irregularities. The fuel was apparently colder than allowed which may have given a slight advantage. If found guilty, and stripped of position, Hamilton would be bumped up the order and take the championship out of Räikkönen's hands.

The stewards deemed it too difficult to make a judgement in this particular case, and Räikkönen was confirmed champion.

The next day, however, McLaren launched an appeal against the steward's decision, leaving everything up in the air once again. McLaren deny that the issue has anything to do with the championship, and they just want to clarify the legalities of the claim. It seems unlikely that any penalty handed out to BMW and Williams would then aid Hamilton's championship, it is more likely to be a fine. So, for now, we can celebrate Räikkönen's win, but remember, it could all change in the future.