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Brazil 2012 - Predict the race - Make your thoughts known as we predict the final event of the year

Published by Christine

We've been building up to this all year, and it comes down to the final race of the year. Two championship contenders, 13 points between them and 71 laps to sort it out once and for all. Who is going to end 2012 with their third title?

Brazil is known for producing some chaotic races, and we've all got our eyes on the skies as we countdown to the race. The potential for rain, drivers pushing for the final opportunity to prove something, is there going to be an accident or two?

We know that Red Bull sometimes have issues with their alternators, and we also know that a couple of the more risky drivers are out of position. There's the possibility of first lap chaos, or it could be later in the race, but who will have their season finish first?

Whilst there's a championship battle at stake, we also have two McLaren drivers on the front row of the grid aiming for victory. The race could be anyone's, who will take the final win of the year?

Feel free to share your predictions, and any other thoughts you might have about what could happen this afternoon in Brazil. We do like to look back and laugh at how very wrong we were!

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