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Brazil 2010 - Race highlights - Following Hülkenberg as he defends his pole position at Interlagos

Published by Christine

Sutil does battle with Glock into Turn 1 at Brazil
Credit: Virgin Racing

Hülkenberg was our surprise pole-sitter, and it was expected that he wouldn't manage to go on and win it. He didn't. A bad start saw the Red Bull boys capitalise on their speed and sprint off into the distance, leaving Alonso trailing in their wake.

After a Safety Car was called mid-way through the race, the split was even more obvious, with a whole heap of backmarkers sitting between the two cars up front, and the rest of the field. Although there weren't many retirements, there were plenty of cars a lap down, and they caused enough chaos between themselves.

Ultimately, Red Bull secured themselves the constructor's championship, and the battle for the driver's title continues on to Abu Dhabi.

As it happened: 2010 Brazil - The Race

  • 15:15

    Hello and welcome to the Factbyte Factbox for the Brazilian GP. I'm starting a bit early today because I'm excited!! How about you?

  • 15:17

    In case you haven't heard, Nico Hulkenberg starts from pole position today! All the info here:

  • 15:17

    Nico Hulkenberg!!

  • 15:18

    It's been a rather worrying night in Brazil, though, as both Jenson Button and some Sauber team members had issues with armed assailants and the like. Everyone is okay, but it's a shaky start to the day.

  • 15:19

    In F1 news, Bruno Senna has changed his gearbox, and would get a five place grid penalty, except he is already at the back of the grid.

  • 15:20

    Going into the race, we need to know that Alonso is the only driver who can win the championship this weekend.

  • 15:20

    If Alonso wins, Webber needs to finish in the top four to stop that happening. Other than that, it's still anybody's title!

  • 15:21

    The driver paradeClaire Williams provides us with a view of the drivers parade.

  • 15:22

    I hope you're joining us in the live comments today: There's going to be lots to discuss.

  • 15:22

    Plus there's a poll in there, and you need to vote who you think will win the race!

  • 15:23

    If you prefer a more streamlined commenting solution, try the Dashboard - integrated FBFB and Twitter and everything.

  • 15:23

    For those in the UK, the BBC are live streaming everything here:

  • 15:24

    They have just tried to explain the title permutations, to very confusing effect. I think we'll stick with Alonso to win, Webber fourth. All you need to know.

  • 15:24 have live timing here: Although it's not started yet.

  • 15:26

    Here's how the sharp end of the grid will look.

    Qualifying Position
    1Nico Hulkenberg
    2Sebastian VettelRed Bull
    3Mark WebberRed Bull
    4Lewis HamiltonMcLaren
    5Fernando AlonsoFerrari
    6Rubens BarrichelloWilliams
    7Robert KubicaRenault
    8Michael SchumacherMercedes
    9Felipe MassaFerrari
    10Vitaly PetrovTeam
  • 15:26

    Button just missed out on the top ten, and starts from 11th.

  • 15:27

    TweetTweet from @clubforce: If you could bottle the atmosphere here in interlagos you'd make a fortune

  • 15:28


  • 15:28

    Must get over that and be more professional.

  • 15:30

    Sutil is having a pretty bad time of it this weekend. He was out in Q1, claiming to be held up by his teammate, and gets a five place penalty as well.

  • 15:30

    There's tension in the Force India team, it seems.

  • 15:30

    The pit lane has opened.

  • 15:33

    TweetTweet from @autosportlive: Something of a queue forms at the end of the pitlane exit road as a number of drivers make a practice start.

  • 15:34
    Circuit Data
    Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace
    Local Timezone-0200 GMT
    First Race1973
    Total Races27
    Number of Laps71
    Circuit Length4.309km
    Race Distance305.909km
  • 15:37

    Here are the standings ahead of the race. I sense we may see a lot of live standings updates this race.

    Championship Standings
    1Fernando Alonso231
    2Mark Webber220
    3Lewis Hamilton210
    4Sebastian Vettel206
    5Jenson Button189
  • 15:38

    Hulk makes his way through the garageNico Hulkenberg prepares for his big moment.

  • 15:39

    Looks nice and sunny out there for now. Martin Brundle is about to start his gridwalk.

  • 15:41

    Interview with Button: "I'm here to race for myself, thank you very much. I can't tell you which tyre we're starting on, but this is a fun race, you can overtake here. There's a headwind on the straight which should help me. I'm looking forward to it, this is a great place to race. I'm looking forward to the challenge out there. For the team, the best thing I can do is score many points."

  • 15:42

    TweetTweet from @sarahholtf1: Oh dear has Christian Klien come to grief for Hispania on his installation lap? Looks like he has stopped out on track. Let's see #f1

  • 15:44

    Interview with Hulk: "I'm confident I'll have a good start off the line, but you know, anything can happen, always."

  • 15:46

    Interview with Vettel: "Starting from the front row, I think it looks good. Our starts were good in the last couple of races. Hopefully we can pass Hulkenberg straight away, that would be the easiest. We have to focus on our own race. We know we should be a bit quicker than the Williams, but it's a long race and you never know what's happening. If we don't manage it in the first corner, the target is to get him sometime later."

  • 15:46

    I'll be closing the poll very shortly, so make sure you vote if you haven't already:

  • 15:47

    TweetTweet from @autosportlive: Klien's HRT is recovered to the pitlane with a tractor but his chances of taking the start are slim.

  • 15:47

    Klien is out before it's even begun!

  • 15:49

    Mark Webber relaxes ahead of raceLee chats to Mark, sounding pretty relaxed ahead of the race.

  • 15:51
    Lap Data
    (data from Williams F1)
    Fuel Per Lap2.21kg/5km
    Fuel Penalty0.06s/lap
    Top Speed300kph
    Average Speed213kph
    Pit Lane Loss16.4s
    Pit Lane Length380m
  • 15:53

    The poll is closed now, and people are not confident of Hulk's chances for a victory. 52 voters, and only 10% for the Williams driver.

  • 15:53

    Webber has the most votes, Vettel just behind him, and then Other stands ahead of Lewis and Nico - presumably most Other voters are thinking Alonso.

  • 15:54
    Race Data
    (source Daimler AG)
    Full Throttle63%
    Prime TyreMedium
    Option TyreSuper-Soft
    Tyre UsageMedium
    Brake WearMedium
    Downforce Level7 / 10
    Average Speed216kph
  • 15:54

    Williams have the average speed as 213, Daimler as 216. Close but not close enough!

  • 15:56



    Wind Speed5.1mps
  • 15:57
    Braking Analysis
    Turn 1
    (forecast data from Brembo)
    Initial Speed300km/h
    Final Speed117km/h
    Stopping Distance106m
    Braking Time2.03s
    Maximum Deceleration4.69g
    Maximum Pedal load136kg
  • 15:58

    The lap record around Interlagos is 1:11.473 - Juan Pablo Montoya, Williams, 2004.

  • 15:58

    Pole position yesterday (by Hulkenberg!!!) was 1:14.470.

  • 16:00

    TweetTweet from @alanbaldwinf1: Sounds like Fernando Alonso is getting some stick from the local crowd. No doubt who the Ferrari favourite is today.

  • 16:00

    The formation lap begins, and Hulk leads them away.

  • 16:00

    Hulkenberg had a terrible start... on the formation lap... having to catch up and repass some cars.

  • 16:01

    Let's hope he can do a bit better when the lights go out.

  • 16:01

    He's back leading them again now.

  • 16:02

    Klien has remained in the pitlane, it's not looking good for the HRT car.

  • 16:03 Lap 1

    Green flagRace started.

  • 16:03 Lap 1

    On the first corner, Vettel takes the lead from Hulk, Webber remains ahead of Hamilton.

  • 16:04 Lap 1

    Webber has passed Hulkenberg, after the Williams ran wide.

  • 16:04 Lap 1

    No accidents on the first corner.

  • 16:04 Lap 2

    Alonso makes an attempt on Hamilton down the home straight, but Lewis keeps the position.

  • 16:05 Lap 2

    Hamilton ran wide, and Alonso has the position - fourth for the Ferrari.

  • 16:05 Lap 2

    Barrichello is close up behind Kubica, another move may be on the cards.

  • 16:05 Lap 2

    Schumacher made an attempt on Button, they came close together, not sure if they touched or not.

  • 16:06 Lap 2

    Schumacher must have fallen behind Button, because he's now managed to pass him for 10th.

  • 16:07 Lap 2
    Driver Positions
  • 16:07 Lap 4

    Alonso is hounding Hulkenberg now, some defensive driving from the Williams.

  • 16:08 Lap 4
    One to Watch
  • 16:08 Lap 4

    Live timing says 0.0, which can't be right. Let's just agree that it's close!

  • 16:09 Lap 5

    Klien was in the pitlane for ages, but has now left and joined the pack. A couple of laps down.

  • 16:09 Lap 5

    We're seeing a Hulk train now, which was somewhat expected.

  • 16:10 Lap 6
    Battle For 1st
  • 16:11 Lap 7

    Alonso has done it, now it is Hamilton behind the Williams.

  • 16:11 Lap 7

    A great pass from Fernando.

  • 16:13 Lap 9

    RadioTeam radio to Alonso: "It was beautiful. So now we use our pace, we are looking very good now."

  • 16:14 Lap 9

    RadioTeam radio from Hamilton: "I have no grip."

  • 16:14 Lap 9

    Alonso passes NicoLast time I'll mention it, I promise.

  • 16:15 Lap 10
    Championship Prediction
    1Fernando Alonso246
    2Mark Webber238
    3Sebastian Vettel231
    4Lewis Hamilton220
    5Jenson Button190
  • 16:16 Lap 10

    Klien is officially three laps down. It seems a bit early to bring out my backmarker watch.

  • 16:17 Lap 11

    Hamilton made a strong move on Hulkenberg, had the inside line, but Nico kept the position. It can only be a matter of time now, surely? His defensive driving is astounding though.

  • 16:17 Lap 12

    Hamilton radio suggests he should do everything he can to get past Hulkenberg. As though Hamilton was thinking he might just stay there for the duration.

  • 16:18 Lap 12

    Button has pitted from 13th place.

  • 16:18 Lap 12

    He returns to the track in 18th, potentially planning to run 60 laps on one set of tyres.

  • 16:19 Lap 13
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverJenson Button
    Pit Lane21.054s
  • 16:19 Lap 13

    Hamilton makes the same move on Hulk again, but the Williams keeps it. I'm not going to keep typing this all day!

  • 16:19 Lap 13

    Massa has pitted - early stops from these guys. He rejoins in 17th.

  • 16:20 Lap 14

    RadioDelayed team radio to Button: "Other cars are responding to our stop, you need to push now. Everything you've got now."

  • 16:20 Lap 14

    Schumacher and Barrichello have both pitted. Everyone is reacting to Button's stop even though they don't want to.

  • 16:21 Lap 14

    Rubens has a right rear problem, long stop. Massa is back in the pits again.

  • 16:21 Lap 14

    Rob looks quite angry on the pit wall. Massa is back out down in 23rd.

  • 16:22 Lap 14

    Hulkenberg has pitted, Hamilton looked like he was going to follow but has stayed out. Kubica and Heidfeld both dive into the pitlane.

  • 16:22 Lap 15

    Hulkenberg returns in 13th.

  • 16:23 Lap 16

    Massa reported one of his wheels was loose.

    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverFelipe Massa
    Pit Lane25.161s
  • 16:24 Lap 17

    The Ferrari is now last of the genuine runners. Klien is bouncing in and out of the pitlane.

  • 16:24 Lap 17

    Hamilton reports once again that he has no grip, he's sounding a bit panicked.

  • 16:24 Lap 17

    Massa's problem was a cross-threaded wheel nut, so that explains the double pit stop.

  • 16:25 Lap 17

    Liuzzi and Glock both pit.

  • 16:25 Lap 17

    Button has passed Petrov for tenth place.

  • 16:26 Lap 17

    With di Grassi, Massa and Senna the last three runners (bar Klien), it's not a good day for Brazilians.

  • 16:26 Lap 18

    Kovalainen pits.

  • 16:27 Lap 19

    Our pole-sitter has a Renault to contend with.

    One to Watch
  • 16:27 Lap 19

    Buemi stops from 8th place. Wait a minute, he was in 8th??

  • 16:28 Lap 20

    TweetTweet from @MyLotusRacing: Great stop for Heikki - now out on the primes #fb

  • 16:29 Lap 21

    The McLaren mechanics are out, it must be Hamilton to come in. There he goes.

  • 16:29 Lap 21

    Massa just put in the fastest lap so far 1:16.704, from 23rd place.

  • 16:30 Lap 21

    Schumacher has just pitted for the first time now, so he must not have pitted earlier. Sorry about that.

  • 16:31 Lap 23

    Ted Kravitz reports that Hamilton had to pit, as Button had suddenly found a burst of speed, and they were concerned he would jump him in the stops. As it is, Lewis has remained ahead.

  • 16:33 Lap 24

    Hamilton sets the new fastest lap - 1:16.658. Maybe he has found some grip!

  • 16:33 Lap 24

    Schumacher has closed up behind Sutil for 8th place. Meanwhile, Hulkenberg is down in 10th, although it is fourth of those who have pitted.

  • 16:34 Lap 25

    Petrov must have stopped to allow Hulkenberg through. Interestingly, Hulk has fallen down behind Massa, 18th for the Renault, despite the Ferrari stopping twice.

  • 16:34 Lap 25

    Alonso pits from 3rd.

  • 16:35 Lap 25
    Recent Lap Times
    Sebastian Vettel
    Lap 211:17.157
    Lap 221:17.142
    Lap 231:16.887
    Lap 241:16.949
  • 16:35 Lap 25

    Don't forget lower is better on the line graph.

  • 16:35 Lap 25

    The Red Bull mechanics swarm into the pitlane. Vettel first from the lead.

  • 16:36 Lap 26

    He rejoined in second.

    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverSebastian Vettel
    TeamRed Bull
    Pit Lane21.471s
  • 16:36 Lap 26

    Hamilton has passed Kobayashi for fifth place.

  • 16:37 Lap 26
    Pit Stop Analysis
    DriverMark Webber
    TeamRed Bull
    Pit Lane20.735s
  • 16:37 Lap 27

    Webber was much faster in the pitlane than Vettel, by about half a second.

  • 16:39 Lap 28
    Driver Analysis
    DriverNico Hulkenberg
    Last Lap1:17.911
    Best Lap1:17.401
  • 16:40 Lap 28

    New fastest lap for Webber, 1:15.838. We're quite far off the lap record here, chaps.

  • 16:41 Lap 29

    Kobayashi is up to fifth place, but has yet to stop. If he stopped now, I could give you an updated top five.

  • 16:41 Lap 30

    Di Grassi pits from 22nd.

  • 16:42 Lap 31

    RadioTeam radio to and from Alonso regarding the Red Bulls: "What is their pace compared to us?" "Out of reach, we can't touch them."

  • 16:43 Lap 31

    Button just overtook Kamui, so here you go!

    Driver Positions
  • 16:45 Lap 33

    TweetTweet from @MikeGascoyne: heikki passing di grassi for position, jarno round the outside into turn 1 also, sweet

  • 16:45 Lap 33

    Massa has overtaken Liuzzi for 16th place.

  • 16:46 Lap 34

    We have Vettel ahead of Webber, ahead of Alonso. The question is, if things remain, will the ever-equal Christian Horner make a radio call for the championship?

  • 16:48 Lap 35

    Barrichello appears to have a problem. He was passing Alguersuari, and they collided to detrimental effect. He's pitting for a new nose.

  • 16:48 Lap 35

    He has a front left puncture as well.

  • 16:48 Lap 36

    Hulkenberg remains tenth, but now there are only two people ahead of him that have yet to stop.

  • 16:50 Lap 37
    Lapped Cars
    PosDriverLaps Down
    23Di Grassi2
  • 16:51 Lap 37

    Slightly confused by Klien, though. He is definitely out there and definitely five laps down, but live timing does not show him with a 24 beside his name. Is that because he is so far behind?

  • 16:51 Lap 38

    Again, Hamilton on the radio questioning whether the F duct is working. Team confirm that it is.

  • 16:52 Lap 38

    TweetTweet from @autosportlive: Webber would be 8 points behind Alonso if the race ends like this, with Vettel 15 points behind the championship leader.

  • 16:52 Lap 39

    A new fastest lap from Webber - 1:15.433.

  • 16:52 Lap 39

    Vettel and Webber are lapping the backmarkers for the second time. Navigating their way past Senna at the moment.

  • 16:54 Lap 40

    TweetTweet from @clubforce: Tonio running well - lapping at same pace of the top ten

  • 16:56 Lap 42

    RadioTeam radio to Webber: "Mark, your fronts are getting hot. Try front wing 10, if it's a problem."

  • 16:56 Lap 42

    Front wing 10 sounds like fun!

  • 16:56 Lap 42

    Apologies for the slightly crushed text, but it just shows how close it is!

    Battle For 1st
  • 16:57 Lap 43

    Not a single retirement yet. Very impressive for Brazil.

  • 16:58 Lap 44

    Kobayashi and Sutil still have yet to pit, whilst Di Grassi is back in again.

  • 16:59 Lap 44

    Di Grassi is pushed into the garage. I may have jinxed him.

  • 17:00 Lap 45

    TweetTweet from @autosportlive: Massa lets the leader through at the Senna S and cleverly uses the move to follow through on Buemi to take over 14th place.

  • 17:00 Lap 45

    Webber has brought the gap to Vettel down to under two seconds now. First time in a long time.

  • 17:00 Lap 45

    QuoteComment from Lukeh: Rubens still hasn't overtaken anyone yet... *hopes it works like the retirement thing*

  • 17:01 Lap 46

    Lucas di Grassi is out of the car, his race is finished. Not good in front of the home fans.

  • 17:02 Lap 46

    Trulli puts in a strong performanceA pic of Trulli via @MyLotusRacing.

  • 17:02 Lap 47

    They are strapping Lucas back into the car. It may not be over!

  • 17:02 Lap 47

    TweetTweet from @InsideFerrari: The race looks freezed. Two Red Bulls in front Alonso firnly third ahead of the McLarens then a big group within 15 seconds

  • 17:03 Lap 47

    Can't help but love a freezed race.

  • 17:04 Lap 48

    RadioTeam radio to Vettel: "Okay, Sebastian, in front of you there's a train of 8 cars fighting for position. They're all bunched up, fighting for position. The first car in front of you is Massa. Be careful. One at a top."

  • 17:04 Lap 48

    He's taken Massa. Who's next?

  • 17:05 Lap 49

    Di Grassi is back out on track. No retirements yet. I was right! HA!

  • 17:06 Lap 49

    Webber gets held up a little, and Vettel is still making his way through. I don't envy them weaving through this lot.

  • 17:06 Lap 50

    Kobayashi has pitted again. Now just Sutil remains without having stopped.

  • 17:07 Lap 51
    Championship Prediction
    1Red Bull469
  • 17:08 Lap 51

    Hamilton on the radio again complaining that he is not in good shape.

  • 17:08 Lap 51

    CrashLiuzzi has crashed into the barriers at turn 2.

  • 17:08 Lap 51

    SC BoardSafety car deployed.

  • 17:09 Lap 52

    Hamilton, Heidfeld, Massa and Petrov have all pitted.

  • 17:09 Lap 52

    Barrichello and Klien, Rosberg as well.

  • 17:10 Lap 52

    Liuzzi has climbed out of the car, he looks okay, his helmet is off. The car is trashed!

  • 17:10 Lap 53

    All eyes on Vettel for the restart, because he's had issues in the past.

  • 17:11 Lap 53

    Button pits.

  • 17:11 Lap 53

    Hamilton and Button were both doing really well, so it's strange they have pitted again.

  • 17:12 Lap 53

    Liuzzi crashedOne sorry looking Force India.

  • 17:12 Lap 53

    RadioTeam radio to Vettel: "We're losing front tyre temperature behind the safety car, try to keep that up."

  • 17:13 Lap 54

    The car is being towed away. They're taking their time, but I'm happy to have a moment to take a breath!

  • 17:14 Lap 54

    Replays show confusion over Rosberg's wheel changes, a terrible stop by Mercedes.

  • 17:14 Lap 54

    TweetTweet from @InsideFerrari: The two McLarens pitted so they can be a problem as they will have fresher tyres at the restart

  • 17:15 Lap 55

    Behind the Safety Car, Hulkenberg is back in second. Almost as if he hadn't had the terrible race he had.

  • 17:16 Lap 55

    Safety car in this lap.

  • 17:16 Lap 55

    Green flagTrack is clear.

  • 17:16 Lap 56

    Webber has two backmarkers to pass, Kubica and Hulkenberg, whilst Vettel streaks away.

  • 17:17 Lap 56

    Live timing shows all drivers from 8th position backwards have been lapped. I am NOT doing the backmarker table now. Silly short track.

  • 17:17 Lap 57

    Hamilton and Button didn't lose places at all, so their pit stops were fine. I must admit, I am confused.

  • 17:18 Lap 57

    Vettel posts a new fastest lap - 1:14.903.

  • 17:20 Lap 58

    Alonso still has to clear Hulkenberg and then he is clear of the backmarkers.

  • 17:20 Lap 58
    One to Watch
  • 17:21 Lap 60

    Rosberg has stopped three times and is in 6th, ahead of Schumacher. Martin Brundle says: "Now, how did that happen?" I agree.

  • 17:22 Lap 60

    Rosberg also had that tyre confusion in his pitstop, and Ted says it was miscommunication over the compound required.

  • 17:23 Lap 61

    Massa attempted to pass a Toro Rosso, and turned in meaning they touched and the Ferrari ran wide.

  • 17:24 Lap 62

    Alonso has now cleared the backmarkers - so the top three can streak away. Hamilton and Button still have to pass Hulk, Kubica, Alguersuari and Kobayashi.

  • 17:24 Lap 62

    TweetTweet from @eddstrawF1: What's happening shows why it's a good idea to move the lapped cars to the back of the pack under the safety car.

  • 17:26 Lap 63

    Sutil battles his way past Buemi, but they were wheel to wheel and almost collided.

  • 17:26 Lap 63
    Turn 1 Analysis
    Jenson Button
    (live data from
  • 17:30 Lap 67

    Heidfeld has pitted for a drive through penalty for ignoring blue flags.

  • 17:30 Lap 67

    Just five laps remaining.

  • 17:31 Lap 67

    TweetTweet from @SauberRG: How can you single out one driver for ignoring blue flags? Half of the backmarkers were doing it. #f1

  • 17:32 Lap 68

    The fastest laps are pouring in now. Hamilton at the moment with a 1:13.851.

  • 17:32 Lap 68

    Alonso is catching up to Webber, but he has probably run out of laps for this race.

  • 17:33 Lap 69

    Lots of 313s there. Either live timing has gone weird today, or a lot of spooky things are happening.

    Top Speeds
    Sector 1Barrichello313kph
    Sector 2Button256kph
    Sector 3Barrichello313kph
    Speed TrapKobayashi313kph
  • 17:34 Lap 70

    Massa passes Petrov, touching into the side of the Renault on his way past.

  • 17:35 Lap 71

    Final lap and no sign of team orders at Red Bull.

  • 17:36 Lap 71

    Chequered flagSebastian Vettel wins the Brazilian Grand Prix!

  • 17:37

    Red Bull are the constructors champions.

  • 17:37

    Webber came in second, with Alonso third.

  • 17:38
    Race Winner
    DriverSebastian Vettel
    TeamRed Bull
    Race Time1:33:11.803
    Race Distance305.909km
    Average Speed196.944km/h
  • 17:40

    Interview with Horner: "It's just an awesome team result. It's testimony to every single member of the team at Red Bull. Great performance, well managed by the drivers today. A few issues to manage with Mark with his engine. They've done an unbelievable job for us. A very proud Red Bull Racing today."

  • 17:41
    Driver Positions
  • 17:43
    Driver Standings
    1Fernando Alonso246
    2Mark Webber238
    3Sebastian Vettel231
    4Lewis Hamilton222
    5Jenson Button199
  • 17:43

    TweetTweet from @autosportlive: Lucas di Grassi was still running at the end but was not classified as a finisher and Liuzzi was the only retirement following that crash.

  • 17:44

    Button is now officially out of the championship. Hamilton remains by the skin of his teeth. For him to win, he would have to claim victory in Abu Dhabi, with everyone else out of the points.

  • 17:45

    TweetTweet from @tonyfernandes: Well done guys.Very very proud.Best of new teams.Still10th.2 cars home.Great lap times.On most laps without blue flag very close to renault

  • 17:46

    Vettel gives the thumbs upVettel gives the thumbs up on the podium.

  • 17:47
    GP Battle
    Force IndiaFinished Ahead
    Tonio Liuzzi7
    Adrian Sutil11
  • 17:47

    Sutil has added to his tally, which will make him happy after the earlier issues between the teammates.

  • 17:48
    2010 Race Wins
    1Fernando Alonso
    2Sebastian Vettel5
    3Mark Webber4
    4Lewis Hamilton3
    5Jenson Button2
  • 17:54

    Press conference quotes - Sebastian Vettel: "Incredible day. Not an easy race to start with, we knew we were on the dirty side, but we had a good start. I saw that Nico had too much wheelspin, and I used my momentum to squeeze down the inside. The car felt fantastic all throughout the race. It was the right choice not to pull away too much, to have some tyres left. It's pretty incredible, I don't know what to say.

    "Incredible effort from the team. Not an easy season, like races we just had in Korea. I think it was the right answer from all the people to come back here, stay focused, getting us both up here and getting the constructors championship one race from the end, is fantastic."

  • 17:56

    Press conference quotes - Mark Webber: "Most of the race was decided on Saturday, or the first lap. You can follow each other around but in the old days you could play with the strategy a bit, but that's not how it is now. Fair play to Seb, he drove a good race, and won the race. We had to manage a few problems through most of the second part of the race. Had a very, very hot engine, so had to turn it down quite a lot. Then it was about focusing on keeping Fernando out. I am absolutely stoked for the guys and girls, I've known a lot of them at Milton Keynes for a long time. It's a phenomenal effort from them."

  • 17:58

    Press conference quotes - Fernando Alonso: "I think we lost too much ground at the first laps of the race, trying to overtake Hamilton and Hulkenberg. Those ten or twelve seconds we lost were impossible to catch. We were very close on the race pace. We had a little chance when the safety car came out, but we found ourselves in the wrong position again with seven cars between us and Mark. It was over for the second time, but overall I think a good race for us. Being on the podium, we knew that was not an easy thing to do, but in terms of points we are extremely happy. Congratulations to Red Bull, a great achievement. We'll see what happens in Abu Dhabi with the other championship, I think it's very open now with the win from Sebastian. I think it's a very exciting championship."

  • 17:59

    Interview with Hamilton - he looks pretty down: "Not really too much to say, it was a tough race. I was nowhere, I had no grip. I feel quite lucky to have finished where I finished."

  • 18:00

    Lewis admits he knows he needs a miracle, but adds that it could happen. Anything can happen!

  • 18:02

    Interview with Button: "For me, the race was fantastic, I really enjoyed it. Fighting through the field, and the team making the right calls on pitstop strategy. To finish just behind my teammate who started fourth is not so bad. It's a good way to lose the world championship."

  • 18:02

    "It's a good way to lose the world championship." Great quote.

  • 18:06
    Fastest Laps
  • 18:07
    Most Pitstops
    23Di Grassi3
  • 18:07
    Tonio LiuzziAccident51
  • 18:09

    TweetTweet from @redbullf1spy: And thank you (humbly) for your messages. Much appreciated. Right, where can you get a decent pint in Sao Paulo? We made need some.

  • 18:12

    It wasn't quite the epic race we had hoped for, but it's kept at least one of the championships alive, and Abu Dhabi is going to be fascinating.

  • 18:13

    Poor Hulkenberg couldn't do anything about the faster cars around him, but he finished in the points, and spiced up the beginning of the race, if nothing else.

  • 18:13

    I'm still confused how Rosberg had so many pitstops, and not all of them smooth, and still finished so high up. If Schumacher wasn't embarrassed before, he may be now.

  • 18:14

    Kobayashi did well to pick up the final points position. Otherwise, drivers were mostly getting frustrated with the traffic, which is what comes of a short lap. Abu Dhabi will be far different.

  • 18:15

    TweetTweet from @cmckinleyF1: Massive logistical challenge for the teams now to get across the world, first practice starts in Yas Marina in under 111 hours! #F1

  • 18:15

    See you in 111 hours then!

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