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Born to run - An update on the motorsport charity fundraising

Published by Christine

Well over a month ago, I mentioned the fact that I'd signed up to participate in a 5K race, raising money for the Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust.

This charity was one that was suggested for our Sidepodradio marathon, and although Wings for Life won out for that donation, the cause stuck in my mind. When I signed up for my run, I looked to see who was on JustGiving and there the Mechanics were. It seemed like a very happy coincidence.

I had been planning to do a few updates occasionally on this site, just to let those that sponsored me know how it's going, and of course to solicit more sponsorship as I went. However, if you follow my personal blog at all, you'll know that it's been a bit of a struggle. I didn't want to plug it here any more than I had to because I wasn't sure I was going to make it to the race.

Things are looking up a bit, though, and so here I am. Freaking out. In seven days time I'll be gearing up to run, and I just can't believe how close it has gotten now. Time certainly does fly.

I have been nothing but a running bore recently, and I expect this trend to get worse in the next week. It's been all about the new trainers I had to buy, the sports shops I have had to frequent, the strange running injuries that girls get, and endless kilometre after kilometre worrying about the speed.

As none of these things have wheels, I shall not go on too much about it, but I will only say if you've got a few pennies, it would be fantastic if you sponsored me.

The Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust is a fund that helps current and former mechanics and their families in times of need - if injury has rendered them incapable to work, or facing expensive bills, or simply helping people keep in touch when things get touch. There are a few specific examples of the type of things the Trust has done and is doing, which makes for fascinating reading.

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I have already flatly refused to allow anyone to come and watch me run, but Mr C has hinted that he might sneak along and bring a camera. Who knows, perhaps that will just make me run even faster to get away from him? I don't know what is more shocking, me running, or him leaving his desk. It must be worth sponsoring me just for that to happen!

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me so far, I have had nothing but encouraging comments which is amazing for someone who had never even contemplated running until a few months ago. I shall try not to let you all down, and will report back next week.