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Born ready - Christine's Rankings, Week 31 - Red Bull get the stopwatches out for a bombardment of video

Published by Christine

Red Bull give their drivers some candy

This week appears to have been all about Red Bull, as they got both their drivers in the garage doing a variety of weird and wonderful challenges in an attempt to find out just how fast their 1.92 second record pit stop was. I've chosen just a couple of the videos to give points to, but there are loads!

Meanwhile, other drivers have been busy, making their way to Austin and getting geared up for the final few rounds of the season. We've got points for hanging out at a music festival, sneaking into a video game, and getting excited about a BBQ.

Movements for Week 31

  • +1 Daniel Ricciardo: The next in Red Bull's 1.92 second challenge is kinda gross, but points for trying.
  • +1 Max Verstappen: The next in Red Bull's 1.92 second challenge is kinda gross, but points for trying.
  • +3 Sergio Pérez: Celebrating the first game of the Mexican baseball 2016/17 season with the first throw of the ball.
  • +2 Lewis Hamilton: Looking good in his cameo appearance as a character in Call of Duty - will you be playing?
  • +4 Valtteri Bottas: Great video series about how he got where he is today, his roots and the journey.
  • +2 Fernando Alonso: Embracing his inner dad rock fan at Coachella Classic.
  • +1 Nico Hülkenberg: Following his Porsche friends as they continue endurance racing.
  • +1 Max Verstappen: Back to his racing roots with a spot of go karting.
  • +2 Esteban Ocon: A spot of homework for young Esteban, peering at another pitwall on his weekend off.
  • -5 Valtteri Bottas: This could be the worst marketing campaign ever - Bottas welds things! Actually, the idea isn't so bad and I'm impressed he's doing his own welding but a) Bottas could have picked anything other than this food poisoning memory and b) that's supposed to be a toilet?
  • +2 Romain Grosjean: A picture speaks a thousand words, but also, accurately represent the hashtag "I love food!"

Standings for Week 31

This week's standings
10Daniel Ricciardo152
20Fernando Alonso246
30Felipe Massa41
40Nico Rosberg39
50Jenson Button35
61Lewis Hamilton232
71Romain Grosjean230
8-2Carlos Sainz Jr30
90Sebastian Vettel28
100Max Verstappen223
110Nico Hülkenberg121
120Valtteri Bottas-114
130Esteban Gutiérrez12
140Kevin Magnussen11
150Kimi Räikkönen11
163Sergio Pérez39
17-1Jolyon Palmer8
18-1Daniil Kvyat8
19-1Marcus Ericsson7
200Felipe Nasr5
210Rio Haryanto5
222Esteban Ocon24
23-1Stoffel Vandoorne4
24-1Pascal Wehrlein3
250Alfonso Celis Jr0
260Charles Leclerc0
270Sergey Sirotkin0
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