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BMW news - A brand new car is launched, and the bosses are impressed

Published by Christine

The newest BMW has been launched at Valencia and the chief of Motorsport, Mario Theissen, is pretty impressed. "It is the best car we have ever done. If it is good enough to achieve our targets, we will see in the coming days."

The new car should show increased aero efficiency, especially to fit in with the new Bridgestone tyres. The chassis is higher, the vents and ducts have been adjusted according to their wind tunnel findings. The front wing has been completely redesigned with a shorter nose and the entire cooling system has been revised.

Nick Heidfeld took the new car on it's maiden voyage around the track and reported absolutely no problems. "The car felt good right from the beginning, but also unfamiliar."

That's an excellent report card, don't you think?

Robert Kubica, who didn't drive the new car, spoke at the launch about his fears for next year. He is worried that he is going to have to change his driving style in order to accomodate the Bridgestones. Kubica was very aggressive last year, and is thinking he might have to change for the year ahead.

You have to drive really smooth with these tyres. At least with our car I struggled with stability on braking, which was causing a lot of problems on the entry to corners.

- Robert Kubica

A bit of testing should sort him out though, and he'll be able to see exactly where his style and the car match and where they don't.