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Bloggers and podcasting - Renault encourage F1 fans to spread the word

Published by Mr. C

I read with interest what you might describe as a call to arms on Renault's blog today, because it touches on a subject I've been giving some thought to recently. Namely that Formula 1 bloggers spend a lot of time picking up the latest news from traditional media sources and posting their thoughts, yet spend almost zero time listening to podcasts and doing the same.

Part of the reason for this could be attributed to the fact that grabbing information from a news feed is relatively quick compared to listening to hours of audio content. It could also be that linking to a specific part of a podcast is nigh-on impossible right now, so the best anyone can do is link to an entire show.

The thing is, I think bloggers are missing a trick here. It's quite probable (even expected) that journalists from major news organisations don't have time to listen to every Formula 1 podcast out there, so here is a chance for bloggers to differentiate themselves from their peers. A chance to say something new, to create the conversation. Yet no-one seems to be taking that opportunity.

Take the Renault blog entry I linked to earlier in this post, it says:

If you think there's too much spin when it comes to official press releases and press conferences, then you need to download the ING Renault F1 Team Podcast Panel.

How very true, without question the Renault podcast is embodiment anti-spin. Yet at the time of writing only two people had commented on the post, and one of those was me!

Earlier today I unfairly berated Keith because I thought he'd gathered some information from the BBC's Chequered Flag podcast and repeated it without passing on due credit. I was wrong, and I apologised, but the reason I was so quick to jump on my soap box was because I believe shows like that offer F1 fans a unique insight into the world of Formula 1 and often don't get the credit or recognition they deserve.

Today the Renault blog has issued a challenge, if you own a blog of any kind (or have five minutes spare to start one up), go respond to that challenge. Listen to Renault's podcast, hear what Pat and Alan have to say and then shout your response and opinions from the top of on your virtual rooftop.

You won't find the answers on any syndicated news feed, you'll have to make it all up yourself.