Sidepodcast - All for F1 and F1 for all

Behind the scenes - The making of a Sidepodcast cartoon - From paper to screen, an illustratored journey

Published by Stuart Taylor

The brilliant and always original Stuart Taylor has been creating fabulous illustrations for Sidepodcast as far back as 2009. This week, he kindly filmed the creative process from basic ideas and sketches to the digitising and captioning of the end result.

Whether you're a budding cartoonist or simply a fan of Stuart's work, enjoy this unique peek inside the world of an F1 cartoonist.

Stuart notes that "each cartoon probably takes 90-120 minutes depending on how much / what stuff is in it / how distracted I am".

We certainly appreciate the man putting in so much effort to brighten our days, be sure to follow him on Twitter if you do too.