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Behind the scenes - Getting a glimpse at how Sidepodcast works

Published by Mr. C

The best thing about there being no F1 news at the moment, is we get to catch up with all the things we were supposed to do before the spy scandal broke. One of those items is backstage pictures.

Lighting rig for Sidepodcast TV

The plan is, to take a bunch of photographs during the recording of the show, in order to bring you as close to the podcasting action as possible.

In truth, 'action' may be overselling it and whether you really want to get that close is another argument altogether, but piccies will be posted on Flickr, on the enhanced 'cast and on this site somewhere (today they're at the bottom of the About page, but that may change).

Who says you can't get too much of a good thing? You'll be sick of us before race 12.