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Beating the summertime blues - A feast of rhyming couplets to get you through the F1 summer break

Published by Ernie Black

F1 is heading into the summer break, leaving behind it an incredible first half of the 2012 season. If you are worried about your F1 fix over the next few weeks, fear not. Ernie explains all.

Webber checks the screen of an iPhone
Credit: Paul Gilham/Getty

Formula One
Is on vacation
Causing F1 fans
Some aggravation

Already scrambling
For F1 news
Starting F1 rumors
And sharing F1 views

Worry not
Dear F1 fans
There are clever people
With clever plans
Has got your back
An Aside with Joe
Will pick up the slack

Christine's Rankings
On Week 24
Has birthday cakes
And much much more

Race results
With the finishing order
Comments and banter
From across every border

Some fun cartoons
In "F1 Confessions"
From Stuart Taylor
With little discretions

Is snooping about
Sharing interesting bits
Day in and day out

So please don't worry
And never fret
There's new content coming
On that you can bet

Technical people
Like technical stuff
There's a technical section
Without any fluff

Take a look back
In the rear-view mirror
"On This Day in F1"
Will make it much clearer

Spend your break here
On Sidepodcast
Join in the banter
Come have a blast!