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BBC Gloucestershire visit Williams F1 at Kemble - A report from some straight line testing in the UK

Published by Mr. C

If you were following the comments on Sunday, you might have seen Christine mention that we spotted two Williams transporters heading west, likely for a spot of straight-line testing. We've managed to make a couple of these events in the past, but it wasn't possible to do so this week.

Thankfully though, all is not lost as a local BBC News crew went to the trouble of catching up with the Williams F1 team in situ. In the interview below, test team engineer Tom McCullough covers the main points of straight-line testing, while Nico Hülkenberg, the man strongly tipped for a Williams drive next season, gets more seat time in the FW31.

I'm sure it's not a huge coincidence that Nico is running Kazuki's number 17 on the chassis, it's just a shame that we didn't get to see more of the car running at speed and in anger. We've long argued that straight-line testing such as the one happening in the UK this week should receive more publicity, so kudos to Williams for being a little more open about these things.

More information can be found on BBC Gloucestershire, while our coverage from previous tests can be found here:

As a final thought, I do hope that team USF1 make good on their promise to offer more video interaction for F1 fans. In today's low-cost multimedia age, all events such as this one could and should be recorded by teams for publication online. There are no Bernie/FOM/CVC restrictions preventing them from doing so, and it would only take a little bit of thought from those involved to make it happen.