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Batracing - Select the best drivers and car setup to hail the most points

Published by Christine

You know, I don’t think we explained the whole Batracer thing very well. If you’ve listened to Episode 12 and got a bit confused towards the end, then this may help you out. And if you haven’t listened to Episode 12 yet, then where have you been?

Batracer is a website that hosts all kinds of racing games, and you can start your own tournament and invite people to play. The good peeps over at Forumula 1 have set up a game, and you can go here to sign up and join in.

The idea is you sign up, pick all the bits and pieces of your team, change the setup of the car, talk to your drivers, have practice runs, qualify, and then race. It’s a really clever idea and lots of fun to take part in, although it does take a bit of commitment time-wise.

However, when you finish the race and see how well your team did, it will have been worth it! Unless you are like us and don’t do very well at all. But we keep trying.

So, go along and check it out, tell them we sent you, and then set up your car to challenge us all.