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Bahrain testing - A round up of track action from the desert

Published by Christine

Testing moves on to Bahrain, with both Ferrari drivers ending up fastest at the end of the day. Massa travelled over 80 laps, his team-mate doing half that and ending just two tenths behind. The pair were concentrating on some important electronics testing, but more crucially, neither suffered any problems whatsoever during their runs.

Button finally found some speed and ended up third, not far behind the Ferrari's. Barrichello had a throttle problem, but after some set up and tyre testing, found himself in fifth. This is better form for the Japanese team but will it last?

Both Hondas were followed by McLarens, with Hamilton in fourth. The Renaults were slower than usual, although Fisichella was having a day off.

I was going to make a sarcastic comment about Webber causing a red flag, but considering it was only one of five throughout the day, that hardly seems fair.