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Bahrain 2009 - Schedule - When we'll be watching and discussing the next F1 race

Published by Christine

Bahrain circuit

This is the last of the back-to-back races for the year. I know some out there are sad about this, because the chaotic start to the season has seen four GPs squeezed into a month, and that's a lot of lovely F1 goodness. However, as someone who just had a holiday and already needs another, I am grateful that the pace will slow down somewhat going forward. However, we have Bahrain to look forward to this weekend, and here's hoping it's going to be a good one.

Below are the two schedules we'll be living by this weekend - the BBC TV coverage, and our own podcasting schedule. The BBC are liable to start on time, chances are we won't be. Don't hold it against us, though, eh? All times are BST.

TV schedule

It wouldn't be a surprise if we switch over to the 5live coverage during qualifying and the race to try and avoid a particular voice. We wanted to last weekend, but the red button wasn't working for us.

DaySessionThread OpensStarts
FridayFree Practice 17:307:55
Free Practice 211:3011:55
SaturdayFree Practice 38:308:55
Qualifying10:3011:10 (q1 starts 12pm)
SundayThe Race11:3012:10 (race starts 1pm)

Podcast schedule

The first race that is on at a sensible time in the UK, and this will probably put our podcasting schedule all out of whack. No matter, though, it all gets done in the end.

DayPodcastSuggested Times
ThursdayF1 Digest9pm
F1 Digest9pm
F1 Digest9pm
Live Streaming7pm
MondayF1 Digest9pm

There will also most likely be An Aside with Joe released at some point over the weekend, but as we have to work around the schedules of the man on track, it's hard to predict when it will come out. Keep an eye out for it though.

If you're around during any of the sessions, please join us for live commenting. It makes all the difference to get so many viewpoints on what is happening as it happens. Also, don't forget that after each session you can post short summaries of the events of the day, and they'll get read out in F1 Digest.

See you there!